Everyone has some sort of vision of how their ideal cozy bedroom should look like, but sometimes, we all need a little help trying to get that vision to become reality. Here are some tips that can aid you in getting that perfect, lived-in look for your bedroom!

1. Go White
White coloured walls create an illusion of a bigger and spacious room, and enhance the physical appearance of a clean and tidy look. The colour white also makes it easier to place colorful art or element without generating a busy and chaotic surrounding. To contrast the wall, off white or cream beds sheets and duvet is strongly proposed to get that soft fresh linen touch.

2. It’s All in the Lighting
If you still prefer to have colours then colour it is! Just make sure that you use the right set of lighting for your room. If your room has a darker colour, the set of lights that will complement are bright white lights or Led lights. Don’t be too generous and install too many at a time, but focus on a specific area that can upgrade your room (preferably the corners of your room). For a lighter coloured room, a soft yellow light will truly give the ultimate tranquil feels.

3. Simplicity
Never overcrowd the only place where you can unwind, relax and sleep. A bedroom should be your sanctuary, where all your problems and worry should be restricted from entering. So let’s limit the bedroom to be exclusively a space of your own to freely binge on books or a new Netflix series.

4. Add Only Your Favourite Things
Whether it’s books, stuffed animals or a collection of miniature Lego, if you love it you add it! However, never forget that moderation is the key, and too much may ruin the ambiance of the environment. One tip for minimizing any sort of clutter is a wall shelf! They are inexpensive and easy enough to install. Furthermore, it’s a great way to admire and display your collections effectively.

5. Textures
Textures create dimensions and heighten the visual perception. A rougher texture such as that found on woolen rugs, or wooden frames manifests an intimate and ground atmosphere, while smooth textures like silk pillows signal out sleek and sophistication.