Ramadan is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to prepare but to self-reflect on the blessing that has been bestowed upon us. As the days, weeks and months progress and the year is slowly slipping away, we need to take the time to appreciate those that are still with us and surround us. Let’s begin to offer our gratitude to these following categories in our lives:

1. Your Family

It could be blood-related, immediate family, or friends who you can’t live without. Through times, they have seen the best and the worst of you, and there’s nothing that will chase them away. From sickness, they have made soup, and in heartache, they have made you smile; you can’t help but thank God that they are alive. As death is an imminent course, it is important to take the time to tell your loved ones how deeply cherished they are, and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to remove all their troubles away.

Showing this form of gratitude will not only create a harmonious living atmosphere, but together you will grow closer and this irreplaceable bond can benefit you psychologically, and also emotionally. This support system will in addition allow you to confidently pursue any life long dream.

2. Good Health

The majority of us have been fortunate to be healthy, to be able to work and earn money. Although we are not 100% flawless, a number of us are still able to live comfortably and without being too co-dependent to an individual. You will never realize the true value of being able to write, walk or even talk without hindrance until an ill-fated moment approaches. So please do take care of yourself, eat healthily, do exercise and most importantly, avoid bad habits that can cause damage to your body.

Being aware of your good health will motivate you to do well in work, which will result in better performance. Furthermore, as you are more attuned to your body and its nutritional needs, you will feel a hundred times better and your own productivity rate will definitely increase.

3. The Hidden Grace

Whether you missed the bus or the last chance to see Coldplay for their Asia Tour in 2017, be grateful for the lost opportunity too. It may sound strange, but the world works in mysterious ways and there is always a reason behind what’s not meant to be. The crosswalk of fate is not child’s play; believe that great things are destined for you and that more opportunities will come.