The first time I heard the quote “We hurt the ones who love us the most”, it didn’t make sense to me as a fifteen year old Tumblr-addict. Why would anyone consciously hurt the ones closest to them? No man is an island and everyone needs a support system, whether they admit it or not. But fast forward almost a decade later, having loved and lost in almost every sense of the word, it dawned upon me that it was never about us wanting to hurt them intentionally. It’s about how these people have taken the risk of opening up their hearts wide enough for us to roam with free rein. It’s about how we’ve taken that freedom and used or misused it with little consideration of the gatekeepers who let us in.

To everyone who has loved me and let go, I don’t blame you. It is tiring holding on to something that refuses to be held on to. But to everyone who has loved me and is still on for the ride, thank you.

We don’t say thank you and mean it enough. In all the years gone by, songs have been written about everything under the sun. We sing about how “sorry seems to be the hardest word”, but we also nod our heads to the familiar tune of “actions speaking louder than words”. Cheap phrases telling people they’re “one in a million” are slovenly tossed into the wind and yet the same people will do a swift one-eighty when it comes to telling us we’re all the same.

However, with gratitude, a simple thanks never goes out of style, no matter how often or how you utter it. When lavished with constant love, sometimes we forget that some things are not a given. As much as every single individual deserves it, not everyone is as lucky to amass it everywhere they go.

So to the ones who have dared to love, even if it came back to bite them eventually, thank you thank you thank you. Even if the gates inch closer and closer together every time you’re forced to let go, never forget to leave room for the ones worth coming.