In the past few years, many fruits and vegetables have woven in and out of trend such as kale, beets and lemon-infused everything. However, avocados (along with potatoes; all hail the god of starchy carbohydrates!) remain a constant. Hardly surprising considering the multitudes of health benefits that it affords with every bite. Not to mention, it’s a favourite among fasters during Ramadan for its slow-digesting qualities which promise a gradual release of energy hours after its consumed.

First, it began with salads for the health-conscious dieters who wanted a little more heft in their leafy meals. Then it eventually established itself as the ultimate toast topper, often complemented with a side of scrambled eggs and a light sprinkle of black pepper. (Quick question: Why is it always so light though? Is this addition purely for aesthetic purposes? As a fan of condiments, I don’t see how 87 specks of black pepper would bring much to the table!) And now, avocados have found another way to permanently lodge itself into our hearts and diets by tackling a new terrain altogether — our drinks.

The Indonesians are no rookies when it comes to avocado-based beverages. When it comes to their famed ice desserts such as Es Teler and Es Campur, avocados, or alpukat as it is known in Bahasa are a mandatory ingredient. While having lunch at a well-known chain restaurant in Jakarta, I came across a drink which made me wrinkle my nose in distaste yet simultaneously peaked my curiosity: Iced avocado latte.

Falling for its promises as a “special fantasy” coffee drink, I ordered one and braced myself. Avocado milkshakes and smoothies have been making their way around the block for a while now, taking “dessert in a cup” to a whole new level with its rich consistency. However, avocado coffee is an entirely new ground which begs the question: How far is too far?

Answer: It’s never too far.

With the arrival of my ice-blended avocado latte (nonchalantly served in a glass in the shape of a rain boot, no less. Talk about being extra!), my mind opened to a world of new possibilities. It was delicious, creamy and not in the least as gross as you’d imagine. With the perfect balance of blended avocado and milky coffee, both flavours carried each other successfully without ever tipping the scale. Leaving the restaurant with a fresh palate and a buzzing antennae on the lookout for more, I started seeing them everywhere– at Seven Eleven, in coffeehouses and cafes and most excitingly, on the streets. Each time the vendors add their own unique touch to the recipe such as chocolate sprinkles or even a scoop of humble vanilla ice-cream, all of which threatened to overwhelm the flavour of the drink, but never do.

Curious about the whole avocado latte phenomenon but can’t be bothered to hop on a plane to Indonesia? Here’s what the simple ingredients are:

  • Avocados (but of course!)
  • Coffee (espresso or black will do)
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Ice (for those who prefer their drinks ice-blended)
  • Additional toppings: Chocolate sprinkles, chocolate syrup or vanilla ice-cream (optional)

Throw them all in a blender and give it a good whir until the outcome is a smooth frappe-like consistency. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Is it a go or no for the avocado?