Lemons are amazing. These little yellow fruits-packed with a powerful punch of sour and zest-are not just tasty but have also proven to be useful. Providing a range of purpose, using lemons in our daily chores is a sure way to reap natural benefits to our live.

Be it in the form of cleanliness, or health or even just adding some flavour to a dish, there is one irrefutable fact: Lemons are amazing; and using them? Equally amazing.

Having lemons as one of your cleaning arsenal will reap several benefits. Not only does it have powerful natural cleaning abilities, it will also help in giving off a fresh, non-chemical scent to anything you clean. This could be your house, or appliance, even your laundry!

So, due to it being amazing, we’re going to dedicate a series of articles celebrating this wondrous fruit, starting with this one! Here it is:

4 simple ways to how to start using lemons for your laundry!

1. Detergent Enhancer

Give your detergent a little boost by adding lemons! By lemons, we mean lemon juice, mind you. So first off, you have to separate the whites from your coloured clothing. The next step would be to dilute the lemon juice. Simply add one cup of lemon juice to 2 cups of water (1:2) and the lemon juice will be neutralized.  And voila! Naturally fresh scented clothing, ready to be dried.

2. Colour Control

Using lemons doesn’t just help boost the detergent to clean, it can also help you in keeping the colour of your cotton t-shirts. Simply add in diluted lemon juice to the tray and coolly wash your clothes. And for those tough stains, worry no more; the citric acid in lemons safely removes stains without damaging the colour (unlike bleach).

Hint: Rinse out the washing machine once after each cycle; just place it in rinse mode. Wait for it to finish and you can prepare you next batch of clothing.

3. Bleach Alternative

Make your whites more bright, by doing the same thing! Instead of dousing your clothes with chemicals and having it come out smelling like a swimming pool, just add lemon juice in the wash. This time though, add in a pinch of salt to the lemon juice when you pour it in the tray. Salt will give a kick (it’s chloride, guys) in providing a better result, with no risk of staining the white shirts.

Warning: DO NOT USE SALT WITH COLOURED SHIRTS. Adding the chloride element can cause stains.

4. Stain Remover

If you’re a klutz just like me, rejoice! Using lemons can actually save your favourite shirt by removing just about any stain. Be it rust from hunkering in your garage, juice from the carton or even ink stains from your favourite pen. Just with the magical power of lemons.

  • Rust Stains

First, boil some water while wetting the stain with lemon juice. Then, proceed to hold the stained area over the steam for a few minutes. Do be careful to not to be in direct contact with the steam as you might get burned. After this, you can just wash the clothing like usual.

  • Juice Stains

Make the aforementioned diluted lemon juice (1 cups of lemon juice + 2 cups of water). Simply soak the clothing in the solution, and then wash.

  • Eliminating Ink Stains

Apply lemon juice to the affected area, and then proceed to wash the garment.