Everyone’s felt it, in one situation or another. It’s a universal experience and emotion that everybody goes through.

Ever been so riled up because of a careless road driver that you drop expletives without pausing for a breath? Frustrated with a situation that you just start to clench your fist so tight it hurts? Or maybe you’ve been so angry at someone that you can feel your face literally heat up?

I know I have.

There are usually signs, when I’m starting to get mad. First would be my heart working overtime, pumping like crazy. Then, it would be my breathing; it’ll be fast and haggard. What follows after that, would depend on the situation, ranging from a clenched fist or maybe just tension in my shoulders.

Most times when these come out, I’m right in the middle of a situation where I know it’s better to not lose my cool. When you’re in the heat of the moment, you might do something you’d regret, or even make things worse.

So, here are a few anger management tips to calm yourself when your temper flares.

1. Escape

First and foremost, run. Remove yourself from the situation and go someplace else where you can take time to yourself. Escaping from the situation will help in calming you down and prevent things from escalating even further.

2. Breathe

Now that you’re in some place that’s quiet and away from the situation, take a deep breath and count to 10. This way you can recollect yourself and reign in your impulse to lash out. After doing this, you’ll feel much better and more prepared to facing the situation.

3. Sweat It Out

However, if steps 1 and 2 don’t fully work, and you still feel restless, you can opt to sweating the anger out. Thanks to the increased heart rate and breathing, you’re probably feeling the ‘fight or flight’ rush of hormones. Take a brisk walk around the place or just go out for a quick run.

4. Change Channels

Though, if you’re in a situation where you can’t get out and release the tension through exercise, you can also trying to channel it to something else. The trick is to keep busy:  write, draw or even dance; if it helps you release your frustration, then do it.

Side Note: Who knows, maybe anger would be the right motivation you need to do something amazing, like starting that murder book.

5. Vent

Let it all out to a trusted friend. This not only will help you unload your anger, but also get a different perspective on the matter.