When you’re brought up in a predominantly Asian household, superstition is a habit that cannot be unlearned and is something that will inevitably be passed on down the family grape vine. While some may argue that superstition should not be present where religious beliefs are, the former can be seen as more of a precautionary by-product of old wives’ tales carried on from generation to generation. Here are some ways that you’re more superstitious than you let on:

  1. Knocking On Wood

You’re having a conversation with a bunch of friends when suddenly someone talks about nearly avoiding an unfortunate event on the road, “Can you imagine if I was driving just a little bit faster? I would have crashed into something!” A sharp intake of breath as you cringe inwardly and then furtively look around for something made of wood. While no one’s looking you quickly lean over and lightly graze the wooden surface. Like, you’re not that superstitious, it’s not like you would actually go the whole way on knock on it three times. You’re just…lightly grazing it-just in case.

  1. Broken Mirrors

You’ve just been invited to your friend’s place. “Hey, do you have a mirror?” you ask. They graciously lead you into their bedroom where you stare into the face of misfortune itself and the terror of almost a decade of bad luck awaits you —a huge crack straight down the middle of the mirror and a small wedge of a missing piece on the upper right corner. If you weren’t so self-conscious, this would probably be a swoon-worthy, pearl-grabbing, hand-fluttering moment as you regain your consciousness on a nearby chair over a glass of cool water.

  1. Shoes Do Not Make Good Gifts

Your significant other has just given you the green light to get that gorgeous pair of slip-on loafers which are all the rage now and then the most magical three words ever uttered in the history of mankind slip from his mouth, “It’s. My. Treat”. Upon paying at the cashier, your senses come crashing back down on you and before you know it, you’re slow-motion lunging in between the cashier and your benefactor with a crumpled, sweaty dollar bill. How do you even begin to explain your transgression? “Don’t pay for my shoes because it’ll lead to me walking out of your life against my will, even though I’m a fully-grown woman who is supposedly in charge of my own mind and responsible for my own actions?”

  1. Stepping Over Books Or Putting Books On The Floor

You’ve just arrived home after a long day at the library. You heave your big bag of books unto the floor and sink into your favourite couch, ready for a long session of unwinding and letting loose. After a few minutes you shudder and realise that you’re not as comfortable as you should be, almost like you’re being watched. Your book bag catches your eye and suddenly you know why. You try to ignore it but deep down you’ll never get a moment’s peace while the continuous flashbacks of your mother’s nagging pervades you as you associate a disrespect of books with a dangerous downhill slope of your grades. It’s not until you’re sweating profusely from the exertion of holding out before you finally fling yourself unto the bag and heave it unto a chair. There. It was a fall hazard and causing a mess anyway, you tell yourself.

  1. Don’t Take Pictures In Groups of Three

You’re at a casual get-together on a Friday night, you’re feeling good and you’re in great company, when suddenly someone whips out a phone and suggests you take a “wefie” together. As your faces are squished closely together to show how well-bonded all of you are with each other, from the corner of your eye you count the number of people in the shot and your eyes widen as you realize you’re in a sandwich of three. You start sweating bullets in an attempt to unglue your face from the throng of faces but to no avail, the flash goes off, sealing your threesome into a digital roll of film for eternity. While the other two are excitedly looking through the shots, you’re already cutting your losses and saying your goodbyes. It was great while it lasted, guys. It was great while it lasted.