There’s nothing like a calming cup of tea. With its subtle sweet smell, this hot beverage is like a balm to the tired soul. The clear taste removes chaos and brings order to the cluttered mind. Drinking tea provides a sense of serenity that no other beverage (in my opinion) can give.

Yes, it’s made apparent what side I’m on in the eternal Coffee Vs Tea debate. However, before I’m attacked for my preference, I’ll just remind you all that, that is exactly what the debate is about. It’s all about our preference (so leaf me alone (see what I did there?)).

In fact, I think tea is so amazing, that this is the first to a three-article series on the wonderful drink. So before I continue on my spiel about how tea is amazing and beau-tea-ful (subtle, ain’t it?), consider yourself warned.

So, why should you drink tea?

Other than that enlightening description on how it brings about this whole peace of mind thing going on? Tea also reaps a lot of benefits in terms of health.

Part 1: Benefits of Drinking Tea

  1. Tea helps you become like Wolverine!

Okay, maybe not so, but tea does boost your healing abilities and slow down the whole aging process!

Research has shown that tea can help your cells to regenerate and repair (that very explanation just screams healing powers, in my opinion). This is mostly attributed to the presence of antioxidants found in tea. Antioxidants generally help keep your body healthier, where even a few studies state that it could even ward off cancer.

  1. Drinking Tea leads to lesser risks of caffeine-induced illnesses.

Though caffeine can be a life saver and an instant boost in the morning, having too much of it is dangerous to your heart and organs. Tea has less caffeine than coffee. A cup of tea can offer you a good kick of energy, without the high dose of caffeine. This will allow you to finish your work in the middle of the night, and help you get to sleep when you need.

  1. A cup of tea can rehydrate almost better than water.

There’s a common saying that says caffeinated drinks will dehydrate you instead of rehydrating you. So instead of quenching that thirst with the cup of caffeine, you’d just be making yourself more thirsty.

However, research has shown that this will only occur in extreme circumstances where you’re downing 5 to 6 cups in one sitting. In fact, drinking a cup of tea has been said to be actually healthier than drinking water. This in large due to the fact that tea hydrates you while providing you a dose of antioxidants.

Part 2: How Tea Helps the Mind

  1. Keep calm and drink tea.

Say goodbye to stress! (well, not completely, but tea does help!)

Tea doesn’t just keep you alert, it also helps you to relax. According to research, the presence of a certain protein in the tea plant can help in channeling the brain’s attention network. This way, you can concentrate better without feeling jittery and pressured.

Tip: Black Tea is especially effective in reducing stress. In a recent study, there was a significant drop in stress after drinking 4 cups of the tea daily for a month.

  1. Tea: a herbal cure to ailments.

Drinking tea has been seen to help with a range of illnesses; from headaches to insomnia. Studies have shown that tea, thanks to its relaxing capabilities, can reduce the irritation and/or inflammations in the body. This is especially true for ted tea, an herbal tea originating from Africa.

  1. Remember to drink tea, and you’ll remember more.

Having problems remembering things? Well, turns out Neville from Harry Potter just needed a good cup of tea daily. Drinking a cup of tea can temporarily help give your brain that boost it sorely needs. Thanks to the caffeine it has, tea will help improve your memory for at least a few hours (until the tea’s out of your system).