Crying is a part of life. Said to be what every newborn does upon entering the world, everyone’s cried one time or another. Though, still considered a social stigma to many, crying can reap a ton of advantages.

So, the next time when salty tears are filling up your vision, don’t fight it. Just let them flow down your cheeks. Other than making your eyes puffy,  here are some actual benefits of crying:

  1. Crying releases toxins

You know how, after a good cry, there’s a certain form of clarity? Well, there’s a sound scientific explanation to that: crying releases toxins. This cleansing of toxins from the body will also lead to the reduction of stress. This is because whilst emotionally sobbing it out, your tears will help to remove the actual stress hormone from the body. As a result, you’ll be feeling a lot less tension in the body.

Crying is definitely a better alternative to just bottling your emotions or even resorting to physical violence, that may lead to self-harming situations.

  1. Crying makes you see better

Imagine your eyes like a windshield. Now imagine all the dust, particles and all sorts of microscopic grime on that unwashed windshield. The simple act of shedding tears can help wash away any irritants, dust and debris on your windshield. So of course, with cleaner windshields you’d see better, no?

  1. It’ll help with the pain

After a few minutes of crying, a number of bodily mechanisms will kick start. This is a natural reaction for the body to help soothe and dull your pain. One of the mechanisms is the activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The PNS will help you to feel more at rest. Another, would be the release of feel-good chemicals, oxytocin and endorphins.

Overall, having a good cry will leave you feeling a lot more relaxed, numb and also calm.

  1. Generally, you’ll feel better

Additionally, not just calming you down, crying can also just generally you feel better. Studies even show that crying is more effective than any anti-depressant. This could be caused by the quick breaths that you take when sobbing. As more quick and cold air is taken in, the temperature of the brain also lowers and becomes regulated. This may result in the much pleasurable sensation, thus keeping your brain chilled, and your temperament cool (puns intended).