Board Games. A lot of people have said that board games are obsolete.

Personally, I respectfully disagree.

True, there are now online multi-player games allowing you to play with anyone in the world, from your neighbour to a friend in Moscow all with a few wires, but I believe there’s nothing that can beat board games in terms of how it can bring back the idea of having fun unplugged.

Board games can bring together family and friends around a table to enjoy a game face to face. With the added benefit of attracting people with the nostalgia it presents now (i.e. sentimental geeks such as myself), it can also allow kids and adults to mingle and play, as they can connect with each other through the innocent board game.

Now with this in mind, for those of you searching for some old-school fun with board games, here’s a list of 5 of my personal favourites to help you in your search for nostalgic goodies!

  • Monopoly

With a reputation of making friends into enemies, MONOPOLY definitely deserves a spot on this list. While allowing players to buy and develop properties, and also charging rent to their opponents,  the main aim of the game is to drive everybody into bankruptcy (hence the name). Be sure to bring a mop and bucket for the bloodbath that may ensue.

  • Connect 4

A close relative to the traditional tic-tac-toe, CONNECT 4 is one of my childhood favourites. It’s a simple game of slotting in coloured discs trying to get 4 in a row, either vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. This fairly simple game can become quite competitive, where stalemates can easily be challenged with a rematch!

  •  Scrabble

Grab a dictionary, and prove your word prowess with this one! One of the most well-known board games, everyone either loves SCRABBLE or hates it. With a game that tests vocabulary and logic, players aim to score points by forming words from their letter tiles. At the end of the game, players will calculate their points, and the highest scorer wins!

  •  Clue!

“It was the butler with the rat poison, in the kitchen!” One of my personal favourites, CLUE is a murder-mystery game that tests the logic and problem solving of its players. Competing to solve the murder, anyone can take a whack at being an inspector in this mysterious game. So, get your Sherlock hats on, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Chess

One of the classics, CHESS has always been my number one go-to-board game. A staple in my house, we all started playing young. Players  ‘move’ their pieces with the sole aim to conquer their opponent. This can be done so by forcing their opponent into a  ‘checkmate’ position, where the king is trapped by the opponent.