Call me a typical millennial, but I love travelling. The idea of going on adventures is one that’s been embedded in my soul since I first learned to read, and I’d conjure up entire journeys in my head, lost in some other reality when I was supposed to be paying attention in Maths class. Now that I’m older and have a little more freedom and a bit of money, I’m always chasing after the next getaway. However, they’re not always plane rides and far off places; sometimes, all I want to do is blast some music and drive down the highway with a friend, and be a tourist in my own backyard.

However, despite the romance the notion brings, there are actually a few things you’d need to do if you feel like doing a road trip. Forget spontaneity; you’re honestly better off being prepared, because you just never know. But don’t let that put you off though; a road trip is a great way to spend time with someone you care for, all while getting away from the constant responsibilities of your daily schedule. If you’re thinking about doing one some time soon, here are a few things to keep in mind!

1. Know what to expect

As I’ve said, don’t try to be completely spontaneous, especially if you’re new to doing road trips. Plan out your routes and stops accordingly, and if you’re going to be relying on your phone for directions, make sure you’ve got a power bank in case it runs out of battery. If you’re not sure whether some of the areas would have service, print out a physical copy of the routes you’ve mapped out.

2. Have a budget

If you’re going to be travelling on the road for more than a day, then you need to ensure that you have enough cash on you, in case of any situation where there may not be any ATMs along the way to your destination(s). In addition to that, book your hotel rooms ahead of time so you don’t have to go through the hassle of booking on the spot and risk not being able to get a room in time to spend the night.

3. Get your entertainment ready

Even if you and your friend are platonic soulmates for life and can talk to each other about anything under the sun, chances are you’re still going to need some form of entertainment to keep you both company. Make a playlist of songs that comprise of your best jams, and get ready to rock out as you cruise down the road.

4. Make sure your ride’s in top condition

Take some precautionary measures and get your car looked at before you head on that road trip to ensure that it’s in satisfactory condition. Fill up your tank before you leave, and take note of fuel stations along your routes as well, and keep a few car repair service numbers in your phone, just in case.

5. Allocate enough time 

The whole point of a road trip is relax and unwind, so it would be a moot point to try and cram as many sights and stops on your journey, especially if you’re pressed for time. Give yourself plenty of time to explore, and don’t be stressed if you’re not exactly keeping to your schedule.