Friends are the people in your life that don’t share a drop of blood with you, and still hold a close spot in your heart. They’re the people who you can laugh with ’till you’re cross eyed. The ones who you can tell unabashedly about that embarrassing thing you did when no one else was looking. Life with them around, is a little bit sweeter, a little bit spicier, and a whole lot better.

Friends are the family that you choose for yourself.

They’re the ones who make you feel, in the moment with them, that you are infinite. Even when you find out that you’re not.

When life turns around, and bites your hand, friends are the support system that you need. They offer you supporting words and niceties. True friends guide you, through the ups and downs of life. Real friends stand by you, through thick and thin, even when you don’t deserve it.

And the best ones? They understand that you’re going to run head long into a wall, and bang your fists against it, and will be waiting by the side to pick you up when you’re at your worst. They’re the ones who sit by your side and listen to you ramble or let you listen to their rambles to forget your worries away. The best ones are those who understand your darkness and still stay.

Because sadly, sometimes the family you chose, don’t stay.

People come, people go, but if you’re lucky, some might stay.

I read somewhere, that people enter our lives for a reason, be it for a lifetime or just a season. This made me start to think about the people in my life over the years; all the friendships formed but lost, and how many still remained.

It made me a bit sad thinking about the friendships that couldn’t withstand the test of time. We had our moments of fun, joyous laughter between us. Unfortunately our friendship couldn’t endure. That it wouldn’t survive through the fact that as life changes, our priorities would shift alongside it too. And so the world moved on, but our friendship couldn’t.

Then there are those who remained. They’re the ones who reached out when it felt life was hell-bent on making things suffocating. The ones who persevered through the tumultuous changes in life. They’re the ones who understood that disappearing acts for a the sake of sanity, didn’t mean they were less cared for. That, despite time and obstacles, we were still essentially the same people that loved each other just the same.

Friendship is a beautiful and wonderful thing to have. Just that, not all friendships are built to last, and that’s okay. Whether it lasts for a lifetime, or maybe just a season, never doubt that it was real. That you were friends for a reason.

So this is for the friends I had, have and will have, thank you. Thank you for all that you’ve done, are doing, or will do. I wouldn’t be me without you.