From the clammy hands and light-headed spells, to feeling that different parts of the body are at opposite ends of the temperature spectrum, a fever can be no joke. Personally, fevers and I go way back. Since childhood, I find that I am usually more prone to falling sick with low fevers (i.e. a small rise of the body temperature that makes me very uncomfortable and slightly disoriented).

As a result of this easy susceptibility, I’ve scoured and tried a myriad of different home remedies for when my body runs a little too hot for my liking, and here are a few of them!

1) Showers aren’t just for mock concerts

Spend time and enjoy lukewarm water in your shower or bath. Relish the cool feeling as the water helps bring your body temperature down, at a safe speed. Don’t go and try to set the shower to the coldest setting though; it’ll backfire. The abrupt cold water will force your blood straight to your internal organs, as your body tries to counteract the sudden cold. So, in a way the only way to get cool, would be to keep cool (and calmly just use lukewarm water).

Tip: When you’re not busy hosting a shower concert, a nice alternative is to place cold, damp washcloths on your forehead or the back of your neck. This will allow your head to feel like less of a thumping drum, and help in making you feel less uncomfortable.

2) Soak them socks

This remedy is exactly what the name suggests: soak your socks. As crazy as it sounds, I find that this actually helps in letting me sleep more comfortably when I’m having a fever.

In this home remedy, you first warm your feet in hot water, before you get in bed. Then soak your socks in a bowl of cold water, wring them out and wear them. After that wear a pair of dry socks over the wet ones. You can then slip into bed and have a nice cooling rest.

3) Tea to the rescue

A nice way to beat the fever, is by sweating it out. But how do you sweat it out, when your body feels like it’s floating and your head is woozy? Simple. Tea. This amazing drink isn’t just beneficial in our day to day life, but also helps us to get over this hot situation.

By drinking a hot cup of ginger tea, you’ll be able to sweat the fever out. Simply just add in a half teaspoon of ginger in a cup of tea, strain the drink, and then drink.

4) Drink it up

During a fever, you’ll become more dehydrated. Try to drink more glasses of water a day. You can also opt for isotonic drinks that will not only re-hydrate but also replenish lost minerals. Another option would be to take in orange juice and munch on some grapes; the first is rich in vitamin C and the later helps to hydrate and soothe your throat.

5) Last but not least: Rest.

After doing either one or all of the above, there is one last important step. You need to rest. Pushing your body more will only lead to tiring yourself further.

This is my dad’s solution to any common ailment: take a nap. Surprisingly, it works most of the time. Let your body do its work, and just rest for a day or two, and you’ll find you’ll be up and about again afterwards.