It was a gloomy winter morning when an unexpected tragedy happened to me and my phone – the essential technology that every millennial can’t imagine their lives without.

Anyway, I was just going to the kitchen and as a habit, I took my phone with me. But I also needed to respond to the call of nature. So, of course, I went to the bathroom with my phone just because I didn’t want to make another trip to my room after that.

And it was one of the worst decisions that I made in my life. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but phones are not cheap and I’m not a huge technophile.

I responded to the call of nature, but instead of feeling relief, my heart dropped and a flush  of adrenaline overwhelmed me for a brief moment.

I watched an unspeakable event.

My phone slipped from my hoodie’s pocket and BOOM, it entered right into the… Toilet bowl. An unflushed toilet. The event ended with a moment of silence as I was ready to let go of the phone while thinking to myself, “Why am I so stupid….?” I recollected my thoughts and had to do the dreaded obvious. I couldn’t just flush the toilet even if I wanted to. I apologized to my hands as well as my dignity, and took a deep breath. It was the most unpleasant experience in my life. I picked up a phone from the abyss of the toilet bowl.

I immediately washed my hands for an unceasing 4 minutes while thinking what I needed to do with the phone. Is there even a hope to save my phone? How am I going to live without my phone? Can I even afford to buy a new phone right now? And on top of that, how am I going to clean the phone? There was no a point of return but still, I was hoping for a miracle that the phone could somehow survive. I washed the phone like a piece of cloth and realised it was an impossible save. After that moment, I promised myself to never, ever bring a fragile gadget to an unlikely place.

Thank God the phone was an old, used-phone and only handed down to me from my elder sister. I knew it was only a matter of time that I had to buy a new one.

I then headed to the kitchen to announce my tragedy, as I needed someone to laugh this off with. My housemate was taken aback because she’s probably never heard a problem like that before. I, too, was shocked at myself. I told my family via Skype and they didn’t even show any remorse, but I suddenly became the laughing stock. Of course, I thought it was hilarious too, because who would have thought something like this would ever happen to someone? A klutz, that is.

I wasn’t sad or frustrated but dreaded to spend money on something unplanned. So, I waited for my monthly allowance and bought a phone which I still use to this day. It has now suffered a few drops and survived a heavy rain. The jack is broken and a quarter of the phone’s case is damaged. The camera shutter vibrates when it’s trying to focus that it frustrates me when trying to take a good photo. I also almost slipped the phone from my hands while I was on a boat.

And these are just some of the many reasons why I am not the best technology owner.

In fact, my laptop has suffered from the moment I laid my hands on it. I had wrapped it with my cloth and kept it in my large check in luggage, just because I didn’t feel like taking it out during security checks in the airport. I’ve dropped it several times in 4 years – once recently – and still can’t believe that it’s loyal enough to function. I have to push the loose CD-ROM internal drive so that it would slide open. I also lost all of the screws that secured the keyboard and the screen that I can’t even close the lid anymore if I want it to stay intact. Oh, I even broke the charger and I don’t even remember how.

But for the record, 4 years and a half is a pretty long time for a gadget’s life span, especially when a klutz owns it.

And you might ask why don’t I just buy new ones? I don’t have the best of luck when it comes to technology, but I have say, I have grown attached to them only because they’ve gone through a lot with me. I don’t have a problem (other than being broke) with buying new ones, but I am one of those people who would use something until its last breath. Maybe there should be a technology made specifically for the klutz like me.


Syaza is a freelance writer whose life revolves around coffee, cats and heartwarming stories.