Judging people is easy to do, and is common enough, even without the intention to do so. At times, we feel that judging a person or criticising them would make us have a bit of an ego boost. Looking at the simple things a person does, we sulk and silently criticise them for it.

We see a person complain about a little thing, and so we perceive that person as being a whiner. We judge people for the one negative thing that they do instead of looking at the bigger picture of a person as a whole.

I knew of a person who’s currently in constant physical pain after a recent major operation. She’s having a difficult time standing up properly and needs a lot of assistance to do this. More so, she needs to do a lot of walking to exercise her leg but sometimes, she just can’t be bothered as it would feel excruciating.

However though, there were times when she couldn’t stand up or walk around properly due to the intense pain, so she’d make a fuss about it. It finally caused a member of her family to become infuriated and they had remarked that she should’ve had done a lot of the required leg exercises to ease the pain. She’d talked back, asking them, how could she walk when it hurt so much? Her family member, however, was insistent about telling her to ignore the pain and to just keep on exercising. The person in pain knew better to be silent than to argue at that point.

From my perspective, there were, admittedly, some truths to what the critic, had said; if she continued to push aside the exercises, painful as they were, she wouldn’t get any better. However, I couldn’t help but to apprehend that there were some things that were easier said than done, the way that the critic had been judging her.

It was easier for her to say things like “things are hard now, but it‘ll get easier if only you’re going to make it daily routine to adapt to the healing process.” She didn’t and wouldn’t be able to understand why it was a challenge for the person in pain to do so. If she ever complained, she would instantly be stigmatised as being difficult to deal with.

People seek unnecessary reasons to bad mouth a person, judging them for everything they do. They broadcast negative words to others about them and more often than not, the situation will escalate. The negative rumours would spread like blazing fire and eventually, that person is left behind because of the damage from the rumours. Nobody would even think the amount of damage they have done to this unfortunate person, until it’s them that’s being badly publicized.

Because of this incident, I’ve learned to keep in mind that words are sharper than blades, and being judgmental isn’t something we should be proud of. We need to be well aware of how we behave in front of people, and how we speak to them and about them. Think before we act. Stop criticizing mindlessly and believing you know what’s best for them when you actually don’t. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.