1. The moment you first heard one of the band’s songs

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Whether it’s on the radio, in your friend’s car, or maybe your YouTube ‘Autoplay’ function decided you needed something new, nothing can compare to that first time. It’s like your breath is momentarily taken away, and intrigue just rises in you even as you bop your head to this unfamiliar tune.

2. The first time you try to search for the band on Spotify or YouTube

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If you’re particularly unfortunate, you weren’t able to get the name of the band, or even the name of the song. So you’re stuck trying to Google the lyrics and sticking random names into the YouTube search bar.

3. When you realize you’ve been playing their songs on a playlist for the last few days

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You can’t help it if they’re super catchy.

4. You start humming some of their older songs

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That’s when you start realizing you’re in too deep, but by now it’s a bit too late to climb out.

5. When you chance upon a particular song of theirs that just hits you right in the feels

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And it’s your break up song, your coming of age song, your lullaby at night; and you wonder how have you not heard of it before this moment.

6. Beyond the music, though, you start learning more about their background story

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Because you’re curious about these people who seem to have such a huge impact on you.

7. Before you know it, you’ve watched all of their interview videos, behind-the-scenes footage and everything else you can get your hands on and you’re filled with this sense of pride

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You’ve learned of their struggles, their successes, the inside jokes that they share with the fandom, and you start really feeling like one of them. You start gaining a new appreciation for what they’ve experienced and there’s this depth of affection that rises whenever you think about how far they’ve come.

8. In the process of discovering the band, you find out they’re dropping new stuff real soon and it’s like your birthday, Eid and New Year is happening all at once

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You’re experiencing the first time they come back with new music and you can’t be more excited about it all.

9. And it’s just as good as the first time, maybe even better

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You’re just happy to ride the waves with them.

10. Finally, you go the extra mile and actually drop some money to buy their album

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Because they deserve the support, because you want to have a physical reminder of your time with them. You’re not always going to be this dedicated, but for now, you just want to remember their music fondly.