1. Breathing

Alhamdulillah. If you’re breathing, it means you’re alive and well. Even if you’re sick, stuck in bed, or buried in a mountain of paperwork, you are still breathing.

2. Shelter

If you have a roof over your head, then feel blessed. Say Alhamdulillah. Many Muslims and others have lost their homes in wars, so be thankful for what you have.

3. Family

Family, need I say more?

Credit: CC0/Pexels

4. Friends

You make friends everyday. Okay, maybe not everyday, but you always meet new people in life and hey, if you hit it off with them, they become lifelong friends! New friends, old friends, or even acquaintances, be grateful to have them around because with them your life becomes a little less lonely! (and boring)

5. Love

The most important thing here is the ability to love. If you are able to love, anyone or anything, then you are all set. If you are especially able to love yourself, and your parents, you should be happy with yourself and be glad that you have people to love in life.

6. Food

If you always have food on the table, then be thankful. Give your praises to Allah. Because there are malnourished people out there, as young as a baby, that are fighting for food to keep them alive. So be thankful for the food you have.

Credits: CC0/maxpixel

7. Explosion of hijab brands

It has been a good year for hijabis because of the boom in the hijab market. Literally hijabs and hijabi fashion everywhere!

8. Boom in lip products

This one goes out to the make-up lovers, or the non-make up lovers who are just starting out with lipstick. With the rise in lip products like Kylie’s Lip Kit, Huda Beauty’s Liquid Lipstick and etc., girls throughout the globe are going gaga over this trend. Personally, what’s not to love or be thankful about?!

9. Muslims staying strong together

With all the tragedy that has been happening around Muslims throughout the world, it is heartwarming to see that we are united as an ummah, in spite of everything that the world is throwing at us. We are with you.

On March 23, 2013, members of Alif Laam Meem, a national Muslim fraternity based at the University of Texas at Dallas, stood up against domestic violence as Muslims and as men of Dallas. Credits: CC0/ AliMMahmoud94

10. Employment

Got a job? Praise be to Allah! Even if it’s a part-time job with a minimum wage, just be thankful because, you have to start somewhere. Trust Drake, because he said that we have to start from the bottom, and then slowly climb our way up.

11. Unemployment

You’re probably confused, but be thankful for being unemployed because this is the perfect time for you to find yourself and do things that you have always wanted to but didn’t have the time nor the resources to. Spend time with your family and friends. Go out. Figure out what you want to do with life. If you did all these things, then, hurrah, but you should probably look for a job now…

12. Girl power

With the U.S. Election in 2016, men and women alike are reckoning with the power of the female voice. Having Hillary Clinton running for the most powerful political office in the world proved that women will not back down and be talked down to.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and their daughter Malia meet with Yousafzai in the Oval Office, 11 October 2013. Credits: C00/Pete Souza

13. Moving around

If you can stand up, walk, jog and do other stuff with your body, then you should be grateful for that. Alhamdulillah, you can even dance around in your bedroom! There are people out there whose locomotive abilities are taken away from them, so, if you could do all these things, thank Allah for them.

14. Good films

This is something that I am thankful about each year it is good films, especially the indie ones and the really good Hollywood blockbusters. This year, we had an array of good films and I’m sure 2017 will be able to keep up!

15. Beautiful places in the world to visit

The world is literally bursting with amazing sights to feast your eyes on. Places to visit and sightsee are everywhere! So, if you have the time, the resources, and maybe the right people to go on explorations with, why not? Let’s all take a moment to thank Allah for his creations.


…then you have safely entered 2017! Isn’t that something major to be thankful about?! Alhamdulillah, you are alive.