After the call for the Friday Azan prayer echoing through the sunny Friday, Aidijuma’s colourful Bubble Car, driven by Datin Norjuma Habib Mohamed herself, remained in readiness outside the Empire Hotel and Country Club’s entrance.

Datin Norjuma, founder of Aidijuma, hopped on the cheerful Bubble car with her sisters, as well as a handful of her team and drove off to the first destination of the day, on 14th July 2017, kicking off the anticipated event of #AidijumaZiarahRaya.

Travelling nationwide with the Bubble Car as well as the Aidijuma Scarf Machine, the team went around Brunei Darussalam to visit delightful, dedicated clients of the brand. Spanning across two days, enjoy this recount of the sensational journey, discovering the heart-warming hospitality of the locals.

Day 1: Kuala Belait, Lumut and Tutong

It was quite easy to spot the pastel, polka-dotted Bubble Car cruising through the coastal highway of Muara-Tutong. Led by Datin Norjuma herself, she arrived at her first destination of the day in Kuala Belait.

PHOTO: Muslyfe

Welcoming them into the house was Mia Suria, the founder of BIFASH, and her family. As they sat inside the quaint living room, an earnest getting-to-know session took place between the team and the family.

Guests invited to the open house were treated with delectable food such as kelupis and roti john. Whilst guests enjoyed their food, the Scarf Machine was parked outside. The truck was opened and readily available for guests and they were able to purchase Aidijuma’s scarves and shawls.

Finishing off the house visit with group photos, the team moved onto the next destination: Lumut!

It was a half hour drive to reach Lumut and as the team stepped out of their car, they were welcomed with Hari Raya melodies, giving a strong sense of nostalgia.

Zuraidah binti Jumat, the second host of the day, cordially welcomed the Aidijuma team into her house. It was a lighthearted and comfortable setting as everyone was beckoned to sit on the floor. Receiving a cake from Datin Norjuma, guests ate and bonded over light conversations.

PHOTO: Muslyfe

The last house for the first day was in Bukit Beruang. Coasting along the new highway, Team Aidijuma transitioned to the Tutong district. Receiving the team was the host, Yusrina binti Yusuf, escorting her esteemed guests inside to eat and mingle. Children were excited to receive the delicious cake from Aidijuma. Adults had a great time socializing with Datin Norjuma, her sisters, as well as her team.

As the day turned into a quiet evening, the team ended their first day road trip with immeasurable satisfaction.

Day 2: Brunei-Muara

Starting the day with a slight overcast, it certainly didn’t stop the team’s energy and determination to visit the houses in the Brunei-Muara district.

PHOTO: Muslyfe

The first stop was in Mulaut, Sengkurong, hosted by Azzam Al-Hadi bin Abdullah. The festive Eid atmosphere buzzed with excitement as invited guests anticipated the arrival of Datin and her team. Children and adults alike had such a great time exchanging heartfelt stories, as well as taking group photos with the Bubble Car and the Scarf Machine.

In Madewa, Hjh Siti Norain Hj Abdul Ghafor, kindheartedly received her guests with open arms. They shared the signature cake from Aidijuma around, only this time, it was shaped as the Scarf Machine. As Datin Norjuma courteously cut the cake, she invited her cherished host and her guests to eat. Not forgetting the actual Scarf Machine outside, several visitors checked out Aidijuma’s scarves and shawls, happily purchasing a few.

PHOTO: Muslyfe

As rain began to drizzle, the Bubble Car and the Scarf Machines headed out to their next destination: Lambak Kanan.

Hajah Halimah binti Haji Ahmad enthusiastically greeted and welcomed the team inside. It was a tremendously heartwarming scene as Hajah Halimah expressed her utmost gratefulness to Datin Norjuma with a penciled portrait artwork of the both of them.

The fourth and the last house of the day was also in Lambak Kanan, a five minute drive from the previous house. Masralyn Mohd Ali welcomed Team Aidijuma into her lively abode. Datin Norjuma invited everyone to take photos, as well as receiving gifts of Aidijuma scarves.

Ending both evenings with an immense enthusiasm for photos and boomerangs for their Instagram updates, invited guests indeed felt the love from Datin Norjuma and her passionate Team Aidijuma. Spending the two days with the locals have absolutely been a blast, especially witnessing the colossal support from hosts and invited guests, donned in their beautiful Aidijuma scarves.