We all know that there is nothing wrong with asking others for help, but we also know that there’s plenty of things women can do all on their own without depending on anyone else. So, we have noted down some more life skills that I think women should possessed. 

  1. Know how to drive a car. Having your driver’s permit means you’re in charge of the places you want to go to. You’re in charge of your own time schedule and learn how to take care of a car. It’s liberating to not have to depend on anyone else to drive you around, and to be at a place and time at your own terms.
  2. How to change a tire or at least know who to call. Of course, after you get your driver’s permit, you’d need a car. That said car may experience a flat tire, or hit a pothole on the road and tear up your tyre. Check your tyre treads, know if its required to be replaced or filled up with air.
  3. How to hammer a nail. Doing so without causing any injury to yourself or others. Designing or decorating your bedroom, your home, hanging pictures. All this with one thing in mind, safety first! Which lead to the next point.
  4. Assemble a furniture. Knowing how to assemble a furniture like a drawer or a table or simply just a chair, without breaking a nail or two would be very satisfying!
  5. Dealing with spiders, lizards, cockroaches, and the likes. You’re home alone and suddenly at the side of your eyes you see a spider or a cockroach crawling from somewhere, what’s the first thing you do? Do you scream, faint, leave it alone and stop imagining where it’ll pop up, and pray it doesn’t appear at the worst place imaginable? Or do you take charge and just kill it? Trust me, once you know what to do, you’ll feel a lot better when you finally feel safe to do anything, without little pests crawling around you.
  6. Changing a lightbulb. It sounds hard when you think about it, but it’s pretty simple, especially if you don’t need a ladder and your ceiling’s not that high!
  7. Basic plumbing. Being at home all alone with a clogged toilet can be a big issue. Know how to unclog the toilet, or a leaky faucet. It’ll save you some time (and sights!) from a plumber!
  8. Fix a door knob. You wouldn’t want to be in and stuck in a room forever, would you? Learn how to fix a jammed lock, or a broken doorknob and its really a piece of cake if you know what you are doing.
  9. How to put out a fire, or how to use a fire extinguisher. Whether you’re out camping, cooking, or whatever it is, knowing how to put out a fire properly will help you be prepared for any situation life brings you to. Knowing how to set up a fire is another added point!
  10. Basic financial skills. Know how to budget, do basic calculation, spending wisely and paying bills on time. You can save yourself financially and avoid being cheated on (financially!)
  11. What to do when there’s an electric trip at home. We’ve all been through this one at home. There’s a thunder and lightning and suddenly, there’s a blackout. A power outage. Or an electric trip. What do you do? Get a torch light from your phone or light up a candle and head to the electric service panel (you should know where it is!). 
  12. Reset the Wi-Fi or TV. Honestly, who can live without it? Reboot the Internet. It’s pretty empowering to know how to get your signal back and not rely on anyone else.
  13. Basic self-defense. Remember that movie Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock? She taught many of us her easy self-defense with the acronyms S.I.N.G., an excellent defense strategy, as is the palm strike to the nose. Of course there’s a lot of other defense strategies that we can learn. Let’s hope that you never have to use it but you you just never know what could happen.
  14. Ability to cook. Know how to cook an egg at the very least or cook a signature meal that’s more than just a toast, simple-yet-delicious, because we all have those days when we just don’t feel like going out or ordering in food.
  15. Time management. Keep up with important appointments so that you are punctual. I always think that punctuality is a sign of good manners.
  16. Ability to communicate with strangers. Small talk or striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know may be something one avoids. However, having this special skill enables you to network and could take you to places!
  17. Give yourself a pep-talk. We have our days when we feel down, anxious, hesitant or demotivated, and who else can pull us back when there’s no one around? We need to depend on ourselves give ourselves that little push. Whether it is a test you want to score, a job interview, a goal to reach for your runs, you will need a pep talk. Sure it’s great to seek advice from someone or a friend, but let’s face it, reassurance is needed from within.
  18. Know when to apologize and when to forgive. Apologizing restores what you took away from another person when you have wronged them. It is often the first step that you can take towards asking for forgiveness, which we all need every now and then. Apologizing with reason makes you the bigger person; you’re swallowing your pride.
  19. Ability to say no. Every woman has the right to choose what they want to do. The ability to say no reflects that you are in charge of your own life, that you are in the driver’s seat to where you want to go.
  20. Accept constructive criticism. Accepting constructive criticism from people is the best way to grow. We’re all not perfect, everyone lacks something. To be able to take in constructive criticism and have the desire to work on it and not to take it so personally, will change you positively.


Do you think we should own all of these skills?