Islamic apps are pretty snazzy, in my opinion. I feel it makes me a better Muslim, and some may disagree with me, but I believe technology has definitely transformed the way we experience our faith.

Here are three Islamic apps that I use every day in order to further enhance my faith experience:

1. Muslim Pro

I use Muslim Pro because it helps me remember which time of the day to perform the prayers, and my favorite part is that it can automatically change based on my location. This feature is especially important during the Ramadan month!

Additional features like tagging Du’as and roman letters to assist in learning the Quran are pretty good as well. Erwan, the creater of the app, is a former colleague. I distinctly remember he created this app because his daughter asked him to.

Today, with millions upon millions of users, Muslim Pro is a big part of my daily life.

PHOTO: Screenshot from Author’s phone | Prayer Times for Muslim Pro


This app is a newcomer to the market. What sets this app apart though, is the multi-directional scroll of the Arabic script versus the roman letters. is the brainchild of Ariz Ramli, also known as Caprice.

It’s a new app, and it still has a few kinks in it, but I now use it every day to slowly learn the Quran better.

PHOTO: Screenshot from Author’s app | One of the Surahs in the app

3. Qibla Finder

This product isn’t an app, technically, but it’s part of Google’s work to improve the world around us. I’m pretty sure that a Google engineer built it when she was trying to pray.

It uses an ingenious combination of the compass, accelerometer, and augmented reality to set a Muslim in the right direction for prayer.


4. Quran Companion

Yes, I use three separate Quran related apps. This one, created by Bilal, is unique in that it focuses on our ability to memorize, rather than read, the Quran.

However, if you’re still extremely new to learning the Quran in its Arabic script form, then this is a challenge, as it doesn’t have the roman letters in it.

I love the fact that it’s also gamified, letting you bring friends on board, as well as inform you how many Hassanah (it’s a point system calculated from one of the teachings of Prophet Mohammad PBUH) you get from reading a surah. Finally, and most importantly, there is a guided lesson plan to help you get memorizing faster.

PHOTO: Screenshot from Author’s App | Guided memorization plan

Every Muslim has a different set of apps that get them through the day, whether for our daily prayers, special Du’as, finding the Qibla, and other aspects of our faith. More recent apps include Islamic Mind, whose launch we covered recently here.

We see that Taqwatech is definitely growing, and we know that the development of apps for Qurban, Halal Commerce, Halal matchmaking, and others like them is coming on the horizon. We can’t wait to see how this industry will grow, and I look forward to using these apps every day.