Our imperfections are what have shaped us to become the people we are now,

The glow of the confident woman is something we have always known as desirable; it is what everyone wants to possess and flaunt. Confidence is not just a desirable conduct, but it is something that has been proven necessary for the attainment of a better and vastly-improved quality of life. Confidence diminishes self-hate, insecurity and self-pity, which are three of the most destructive traits for a person to have, as they not just ruin yourself, but they wreck your relationships and even worse, your life. With confidence in hand and the demolishing of the aforementioned destructive characteristics, a person will glow and exude assurance wherever she goes. Here are three simple ways you can attain that glow and become a glowing confident woman.


  1. Admit your flaws

As mere human beings, we are bound to be imperfect and there is simply no point in trying to achieve imperfection and beating yourself up about not being able to attain it. Our imperfections are what have shaped us to become the people we are now—Is that not something to be proud about? Flaws and imperfections are meant to be embraced.

Once they have been accepted to become a part of us, one will without doubt feel a surge of confidence because with acceptance comes along the desire to improve and grow to become a better woman, daughter, wife and overall member of society. Automatically one will exude the confident glow from wanting to become better.


  1. Own your emotions! 

Be it guilt, sadness or even jubilance; these feelings are understood, embraced and owned by the confident woman. With that said, it is not that confident women do not express emotions—They do. However, once the occasion comes when she is upset about her husband’s behaviour when he forgets to take the trash out for the second time this week, she expresses her disappointment without blaming and accusation.

The confident woman knows all too well that the whole reason for expressing emotions is so that she will be understood and in turn to strengthen her relationships with her loved ones, not to play the dreadful blame-game. When you have control over your emotions and are able to express your feelings without breaking down, you will for sure achieve the confident woman glow.


  1. Support others

The most important characteristic present in the shape-up of a confident woman is their impeccable ability to support others. Self-assured women do not find intimidation in the success of others. In fact, they celebrate and applaud people’s triumphs.

The confident woman cheers at the achievements of others and rejoices in their glories!

Sure, they say the world offers nothing but competition and other people to compete with, but to completely lose oneself in the said contest will result in a lot of unnecessary stress, which, in turn, will not escalate your growth to become the better person that you have always wanted to be. In fact, it slows down your progress and confidence slips away from your grasp.

The confident woman cheers at the achievements of others and rejoices in their glories! In addition to highlighting the success of others, doing this will definitely highlight your characteristic as a supportive person. As a result, a development of confidence occurs in you and with it you will become a better person: A glowing, confident woman.