Have you ever feel like whenever you’re in the kitchen cooking and you feel eyes penetrating and judging your every move? or is it just me? I always feel rather on edge or more of the me “walking on eggshells” whenever I’m in the kitchen. Its also because maybe girls have always been expected to belong in the kitchen and are also expected to know how to cook really well.

Well, allow me to burst the bubble and say, no. At least I know i’m not like that. I feel like when it comes to me, most of the food I cooked are under 20 minutes. I think its because I have zero to minimum patience whenever I’m in the kitchen. However, I find cooking is something that I truly enjoy. Especially when it only require less than 10 ingredients. I am all about that quick, comfortable and zero hassle type of life.

However now that I’m truly an adult, I find I’m always in the kitchen as of lately to prepare my food for tomorrow’s lunch at work. Thus with that, I found my 5 go to meals cooked under 20 minutes or less!


Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs
I don’t know about you, but I can get really full whenever I had some avocado toasts. Making this, you have the power to be extra creative and put either cherry tomatoes, poached eggs or just eat them with plain avocados. Do whatever your appetite desires, friends.

If you are seeking for that perfect avocado toasts textures, in my opinion, you really need to get your hands on ripe avocados. It really does make a difference, as when you scoop your avocados and mashing them with a fork, you really don’t want super soft avocados, especially when you’re eating them on a toasted bread, its way better if you leave some huge chunks for extra crunch!

Here what I normally add to my avocado is lime juice and spring onions. And for the poached eggs, the trick is to use eggs that are already in room temperature. However, if you leave your eggs in the fridge, all you have to do is put them in a glass of warm water to help warm the once cold eggs.

Flavour these poached eggs with vinegar and salts. But if you don’t have any vinegar, a pinch of salt will do. The vinegar not only helps season the water but will also help the eggs to stick together.


Oven Baked Chicken
I capital letter LOVE chicken. However cooked, however big or small, I’ll eat them. I’m not picky nor choosy when it comes to chicken. And since as mentioned, I have zero to minimum patience especially when it comes to waiting, I opted to oven baked my chicken or air fry. I have the time to prepare some other stuff while waiting.

To oven baked your chicken, its much preferable for me to go for chicken breasts. I usually marinated them the night before so it will give the sauces and flavour ample time to soaked into the chicken. In marination, I never follow any recipes. I guess its because when you’re cooking you can mix any flavours that you desire. I just normally grab any bbq sauces you can get in the supermarket or home-made ones as simple as 1-2 tablespoon of ketchup, sweet chilli sauce, hoisin sauce and 2 teaspoon of soy sauce, sriracha, cider vinegar and garlic powder and voila, marination sauce is done!

All you need is to pre-heat your oven at a maximum level and cook your chicken for 20 minutes. Once your chicken is done, you can enjoy them as is or eat them with plain white rice with some vegetables or potatoes!



Photo Courtesy : Vijay Nathan/Noston.it

Aglio Olio
This is a classic Italian recipe, and this is one of the most easiest Italian pasta recipe. Aglio Olio basically means garlic olive oil. This is by far one of my go-to meals that I normally prep as it doesn’t take much time as well as ingredients!

Salted boiling water is highly essential in making any pasta of your choice, and in this dish it is much required. Boiling your pasta may take at least 9-10 minutes as you want your pasta to be al dente. So in making Aglio Olio, you need a “horde” amount of garlic. If you’re the type of person who detest onions and garlics then skip ahead to the next meal I’ve listed down below. However, if you’re like me, who has opening admitted to loving extra garlics and onions then this pasta recipe is for you.

Thus for this recipe, you just want to slice your garlics nice and thin as garlics have the tendency to burn in hot oil. So naturally we’re going to start this in a low pan. Once you have your garlic, you pour in a generous amount (about 5-6 tablespoons) of olive oil into a pan. The trick here is that you slowly infused the olive oil with all that garlic flavour.

Next is to rinse your pasta and pour it into the garlic infused olive oil, stir and season with a bit of salt and black pepper. You can also be creative by adding in your choice of chickens or even prawns (or simple add in some greens) for that pop of colour and extra flavour.


Photo Courtesy : Morgan Shupe/MyVega

One Pot Pasta
This is definitely one of my favourite week night meals in one pot pasta. This method has become really popular recently because its easy, quick and it takes 20 minutes start to finish, and only one pot involves so its minimal dish washing, its delicious and you change it up with all sorts of different ingredients you have in your fridge! A perfect cook for a whole loads of head to feed.

Now, check your fridge, do you have any red pepper bell? No? Okay that’s fine, do you have mushroom? Yes? Okay, toss that thing in! Oh, what did you say? You have whole loads of broccoli, peanuts, cucumber, peas and onions? Alrighty! Toss all that in the pan. Don’t forget to put in your pasta! The very last thing that this pot pasta needs, or rather the most important in my opinion, are water that covers the whole ingredients (not too much, just right to cover the top) and chicken stock (because why not add more flavour when you can). Once the it is all in, let it simmer and boil for a bout 10 minutes until all the liquids are absorb into the pasta.

Dinner is now served! I really hope you would try this one pot pasta as for me it has saves me up a lot of time.



Dinner Steak
I was living in Japan when I came up with this recipe. I was craving for steak and I wanted to make something special for myself that I can enjoy whilst watching a movie during one of the weekends. This recipe calls for a large steak that can be shared by two. It’s a fast, easy and delicious dish that will make your way into that special someone’s heart!

Salt both sides of the steak, and add vegetable oil on both sides as well. Set aside. Thinly slice 4 cloves of garlic. To cook, you need a large skillet and 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. While cooking the steak, baste it with hot oil and butter you melted onto the skillet for at least 2-3 minutes for rare and 6-8 minutes for medium rare steak. Your steak is basically done!

For the sides, you can cook cherry tomatoes with spinach or just grilled mushrooms with potatoes and you’re good to go! Dinner date steaks for two is done!

And there you have it folks! All of the meals listed above are all the meals I’ve tried and cooked if not a daily basis, its on a weekly basis. I do hope you at least give some of these a try and hopefully it’ll turn out great!