Whether you’re a hijabi or someone who has worn a head scarf, you might have faced some little wardrobe malfunction, or perhaps, you would like to know a few tips to keep your scarf intact. We share our fair share of daily struggles with our hijabs.

When I put my hijab on around my head, I would have little problems like my pin disappearing out of nowhere, a wrinkled scarf just when I’m about to leave the house, my pins ruining my scarf, there’s just so many that I know you can relate to!

I’ve gathered a few tips that would make our lives so much easier!

1. Iron out a wrinkled hijab

You’re already dressed, your hijab is neatly worn and tied and ready to go but then, when you look in the mirror for that final check up, there’s wrinkle on your hijab! Some might not be bothered but if you’re partly a perfectionist like me but could not be too bothered to remove and rewrap back my hijab, then, take out a hair straightener to smoothen it out! Or you could use your hair dryer, and blow it to your wrinkled part while stretching them straight! 

Another situation would be those time when you are just extremely too tired and lazy to take out the ironing board because lets face it, everyone gets lazy sometimes and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve all been through it. You can hang your hijab while you shower (only works with hot shower), the steam can iron out your hijab and it doesn’t need much effort at all!

2. DIY Snag Pins

5 Hijabi Hacks You Need To KnowWhen you take off your safety pin from your scarf, there’s a high chance that it’ll snag your scarf, ruining the threads. This is most definitely likes to be avoided by those who wears luxury scarves, or your favourite one especially one with a cotton material. If you can’t get no-snag pins at the shop, why not make your own? Use the rubber stud part of an old pair of earrings (or chop a rubber eraser!) and place it to your safety pin. You’ll now have a no-snag pin! No more holes or scuffing on your hijab.

3. Use bobby pin as an alternative

There are just some people in this world that likes to rush. Either to work, to meetings, to weddings and everything you could think of. Or if you are like someone I know that does not like the feel of steel pins below your chin or is sensitive to your skin, then this one is for you. You can use the bobby pin or a plastic small hair clip as an alternative method. Pick one out from your hair bun and put it to the side of your scarves, or below your chin to secure it! I also normally put bobby pins in my wallet for emergency use. Be it for my hair or my scarf.

4. Make your stick pins easy to reach

Going to weddings, I usually received a lot of gifts box that I don’t normally use, or that peanut cans that you could throw away, but don’t! There will always be moments where you lose your stick pins, if you haven’t, well, that time will come! This is where it comes in handy. To avoid this, you can save some extra ones in an old mint box , or that peanut can you just finish (a small one preferably), which you can carry around with you in case of an emergency or put it in your car, so when you rush out, you know there will be a can or box of saviour in your car. 

Aside from carrying it around, you should have a proper way to keep it at home, better than having it scattered around. Its pretty unsafe if you ask me, especially when you have toddlers around. You wouldn’t want to poke your feet or fingers! Solution: pin cushion. What I do is that I use an old sponge that I found from an gift box. I would put it in an old round tin and arrange my stick pins there. 

5. That hijab hair care tips

When you’re always wearing your hijab, it is important to remember that you still need to keep your hair healthy. Don’t tie your wet hair, and to let your hair get some sun while you are at home. As your hair is always up in a bun or tied up, let it down once in a while, and also to keep it healthy and tangled free, remember to treat yourself with a haircut and scalp treatment every once in a while. Id say, twice a year.

If you’re at school, university, or at work that requires you wear your hijab for up to 8 hours a day, then spend 5 to 10 minutes in a private place during your break, be it at the washroom or the surau, where you know there will only be women, untie your your hair and let the air comes in your still damped hair (or dry). I find it odd, but it dries easily this way and it refreshes your hair and it clears my mind immediately! You can get a scented water or natural water (any that you like) and spray it through your hair for that refresh feel! Other than that, wash your underscarves regularly to remove odour, as it touches your hair often.

These are just some hijab hacks that I’ve come to learn over the years, I believe every hijabis has their own hacks and tricks, do share yours at comment box below!