Clutter is steadily recognized as a health hazard as it affects both the physical and emotional aspects of our lifestyles. It has also been proven that clutter not only contributes to procrastination but also the inevitable mishaps of losing precious items. These items range from important documents or that blouse that you need to wear for work to even the car key! So, before clutter drastically ruins your life, here are some few simple steps to remove clutter:

1. Address those clothes!

Everyone is guilty of owning a vast wardrobe, but how much is too much? If that t-shirt has been around for longer than 5 years, maybe it’s time to go your separate ways. Ask yourself:

Does it still fit? Do I really need it?
Can this old t-shirt prevent me from buying a new piece of clothing this week or the next?

When you painfully admit no to all of the above, it’s time to say a few words of respect and bid your goodbye.

2. Let’s do good deeds and donate!

If you feel that the world might need a little loving from you, then I encourage you to donate. It could be a beautiful dress that you’re still holding on along with that t-shirt, or any utensils or tools that you find appropriate to give away. Just make sure they’re all still in good condition, though.

3. Less is more

Imagine that extra space either from the closet, your room or even your house. Don’t underestimate that space; a clutter-free room can improve your mentality by removing anxiety and stress, replacing them with a sense of calm and serenity. That extra space can also change your own perspective about the size of the room you’ve had your whole life.

4. Is the dust more attached to the item than you?

There’s no denying that it’s incredibly difficult to clean every nook and cranny of your home, and that level of difficulty increases when you have to clean it every week. Dust is everywhere, and it is composed of basically everything from dead skin, outdoor pollen and ever bit of fabric or minerals that exist in your room. So if you’ve found dust cruelly devouring an item at home then it’s clear that the dust has won, and it’s time to have a proper memorial for that beloved item.

5. “What’s in my drawer?”

Just because you were able to pack everything and anything in a rectangular box that magically covers the clutter, it doesn’t necessarily scream “clutter free”. Here are some simple steps to figure out whether or not that cat figurine from a vacation three years ago still belong in your drawer or in a donation box.

Step one: Choose a drawer.
Step two: Try to remember and name (as many as you can) the items that are inside. Please don’t cheat by opening that drawer.
Step three: Remove everything else in the drawer besides the things that had been identified previously, and proceed to throw them away.
Step Four: If you’ve found something valuable like a $5 note or a birth certificate, good for you! Keep and store them properly; but other than that, no exceptions!
Step Five: Repeat with a different drawer!