I started to take notice of fashion when I was 15. Regrettably, I was only able to comprehend the nuances of trends 5 years later. Being quite a lanky girl back then, I literally stood out from the crowd with my bright colored apparels and bold fashion statements. If there were any fashion rules back then, I am quite certain that I broke the rules; if not all, most of them at least.

Perplexing bold colors with funky patterns and over-bearing accessories enticed me and at the same time unquestionably made me the last person anyone would have referred to for any fashion advice. Thankfully, I soon realized dressing like a Christmas tree would cause more harm to the public visually and emotionally. Therefore, I had decided to educate myself regarding the proper ways to don an attire that was both modest and pleasing to the eye.

After a few years of diligently watching seasons of ‘How Do I Look’ and ‘The Makeover’, I managed to come up with 5 realistic ways to be a fashionista for a non-fashionista.


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1. Choose the right colours.

Choosing the right colour combination is important and not everyone has a knack for matching two or three different hues perfectly together. Thank God that with vast resources on the web, people can easily attain and visualize which colour tones go well with one another.

When it comes to selecting the perfect colour palette for an outfit, there are several factors that needs to be taken into account:

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  • What is the occasion? Use colours to express your intention. Wear neutral shades and cool colours for professional occasions, and warm, bright and cheerful tones when attending gatherings or functions.
  • Colours relate to personalities. Wear colours that match your personality or use them to accentuate your inner personality. If you are a shy and quiet person, and want to appear friendly, wear warm colors that would provide you a welcoming ambiance.


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  • It may be fun to experiment with bold colours, but refrain from going beyond 3 colours in an outfit. 3 coloured hues tend to deliver a simple equation to look good instantly. For example:

Color 1 + Color 2 + Color 3 = good to go.





2. Mix & match the right patterns

There is an immense number of prints and patterns  that exist all over the world. Some of the designs came from ancient cultures and others were inspired by nature. Each and every one of these patterns is unique and stunning in its own way and combining two or three wrong patterns altogether might become more of an eyesore than an achievement. Therefore, in order to bring out the best in prints and patterns, the following rules provide basic guidance:

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I. Choose one pattern or print to highlight the entire attire.


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II. Be bold by matching two different scales of pattern together.


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III. Pair up prints of the similar hues together.


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IV. Double up on the prints.



3. Wear the right size.

As simple as it might seem, it is important to get acquainted with your body shape and take note of sizes and designs that would flatter your body. When you are shopping for clothes:

  • Find the size that fits you perfectly. For good measure, invest some money in hiring a tailor to cut fabrics according to your body measurement appropriately.
  • Avoid wearing skimpy clothes that are too tight, and avoid wearing clothes that are too big.
  • The idea is to get an attire that would give you style and at the same time care for your modesty.


source: Pinterest

4. Pick the right accessories.

Choosing the right accessories varying from jewelries to bags will complement the overall attire and enhance your persona. The following pointers could help you out the next time you plan to wear some accessories.

  • When purchasing accessories, target ones that would complement your facial features. As an example, get accessories with ornaments that match your eyes or skin tone.
  • To wear a statement piece, choose to highlight one out of three accessories: earrings, necklace & bracelets. Pair the bold statement piece with a simple attire to allow the accessories to stand out. Remember: less is more.
  • Wear appropriate bags/purse for the right occasion. Get the right arm piece that would suit your attire and fulfill the practicality of your needs.


5. Put on your confidence.

The final way to become a fashionista is to don some confidence. Confidence is a natural beauty that brings out the best in you. Sometimes, it’s okay to occasionally break some fashion rules and create your own style with poise. Always remember, as mentioned in a hadith by Rasulullah SAW,

This world is enjoyment, and the best of its enjoyment is a righteous woman.
(Sahih Muslim)