Another year has passed, and if you have been paying attention there were a lot of disturbing and distressing events in the news, all packaged into the Pandora’s Box of 2016. Add on what life has thrown at you and it’s easy to be down in the dumps, but don’t despair. Allah knows the hikmah behind it all and He makes no mistakes. All the seemingly negative and positive emotions you feel is a sign of being in touch with your feelings. Yay you!

Here are five self-care milestones you should be proud of:

1) You didn’t bottle things up

Had a hard time and talked it out? Prayed about it? Good for you!

2) You remembered to breathe

When it all is too much to handle, being too caught up in a stressful moment could make us forget basic needs. Breathe in. Breathe out.

3) You tried and did your best

Anytime you feel you are not enough or under-appreciated. Your effort counts! I for one am proud of you.

4) You asked for help

Be it from a loved one or anybody at all, remember that if you feel trapped like you’re walking through a cramped maze, there is no better help than from Al Baasith, the Reliever.

5) You took time to regroup

Or in the language more familiar to my fellow introverts out there – “recharge”. You did something for you? Pat yourself on the back!
Let 2017 be the year of no guilt in self care. Okay ladies (and gents), let’s get in formation. Be empowered by taking care of the vessel that is you.
Nabilah Jipli was a freelance writer for Muslyfe.