As a self-proclaimed low-key high-maintenance girl, there are some days where I honestly can’t be bothered with going through a ten-step makeup routine, especially when I’ve overslept yet again (thank you, unreliable alarm). And yet, because I also don’t want to head into the outside world looking like I didn’t get the five hours of sleep I had the night before, I’ve been forced to come up with a routine that allows me to look less like a zombie and more like the put-together mid-twenties adult I’m really not.

So here are four simple steps I’ve relied on time and again, and it may look like an incredibly basic look, but sometimes, less is more, and I’d rather sleep for fifteen minutes more than waste that same fifteen minutes trying to perfect a cat eye look.

1. Foundation

PHOTO: Laneige

While I’m still learning to accept that my acne scars aren’t a reflection of who I really am, my skin also gets sporadically blotchy and oily throughout the whole day; hence the need to put on foundation to even out my skin tone. I don’t usually bother with concealer, as I’d rather have a bit of my imperfection come through rather than try to cover everything up to the high heavens, but that’s just my prerogative. I’m low-key high-maintenance, not a complete perfectionist.

2. Eyebrows

PHOTO: Laneige

The day I discovered eyebrow powder was the day I realised I could never go back to my naturally sparse brows.

I’ve found that nothing else really frames my face like a pair of drawn on, somewhat arched eyebrows, and since I’m also a hair dye addict due to my numerous premature white hairs, using a dark brown colour also helps to accentuate the colours in my hair.

3. Eye shadow

PHOTO: Zahara Cosmetics

I didn’t actually start getting into the habit of using eye shadow until a couple of years ago, when a friend had gifted me a small quad and I’d only resorted to using it because I’d run out of eyeliner one day.

If I’m feeling extra lazy, I’d just swipe on one colour all over my eyelids, and call it a day. But most days I’d use the colour closest to my skin tone as the base, as well as the second darkest shade to contour. Sometimes when I feel like my eyes just need a little more definition (to draw away from the eye bags), I’d use the darkest colour as a subtle eyeliner, close to my lashes.

4. Lipstick

PHOTO: Zahara Cosmetics

Lipstick was my gateway drug into the world of makeup, as it is for so many others, just because of the sheer variety of textures, colours, and how it’s incredibly useful in brightening up the face with just a dash of colour on one’s lips. Perfect for the lazy but high-maintenance. It takes away the last vestiges of that “I slept at 3am and I don’t think I’m entirely awake yet” expression, and it’s a great way of giving off that put-together vibe as you pretend you’ve got everything covered.