For a lot of us, it is just easier for negative feelings dampen our enthusiasm for life, be upset, drown in our sorrows, complain and be ungrateful. We tend to ignore the great things in life, and let the bad times win instead. We need to turn that around, and to do that we need to practice an attitude of gratitude, which is the road to happiness.

There are three ways to express our gratitude:

  1. Heart : To realize and appreciate all the blessings by and within the heart, good intentions
  2. Speech : To say thanks with the tongue
  3. Action : To express gratitude by doing righteous deeds, to do good that benefits humanity and pleases Allah.

The verse in the Quran says,

“If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favour];” (14:7)

To habitually and willfully practice gratitude in our religion is the key to a life of wealth, peace and joy. Hence, there is no other way that gives us a great chance to practice appreciation. For starters, start your day focusing on things you simply can’t live without. Always be grateful to Allah for everything that you have: your wealth, health, status, intellectual abilities, and life.  

When you cultivate an attitude of gratitude in Islam, being grateful will feel natural from your heart and the words “thank you” would be so much easier to say, and felt in your heart. Your life will eventually feel as though it is gleaming and reflects the true Islam, it opens up doors to peace and blessings. In Islam, there are several ways to cultivate gratitude in our hearts:

  1. Stop complaining and be positive.

This is the first step towards being thankful to Allah and the people around you. We’ve become a society of whiners and complainers, pointing out anything wrong they could find. Refrain yourself from blaming other external factors. If you think with an open mind, you may find more positives, be it situations and the people around.

2. Say ‘Alhamdulillah’ often.

Translation: All praises to Allah. When you utter Alhamdulillah constantly, you’re reminded on the source of all the blessings and happiness in this life. Practicing this daily keeps you humble and content and has positive effects on your relations with others.

3. Think of those who are less fortunate than you.

Imagine yourself in their shoes, and do something about it to lift up their burden, even if it’s small. By giving charity in Islam, not only does it increase your humility, but you attract greater abundance to yourself as you strengthen your belief and trust in Allah.

4. Visit the sick and the disabled.

Frequenting patients and families of the deceased, not only brings comfort to them, but it also brings multiple rewards from Allah to you, it also helps you appreciate your own good health and opportunities you have in life to serve others.

5. Let the remembrance of Allah (dhikr) guide you throughout the day

Our busy lives often distract us, and we should not get lost in the world and be distracted. We would forget the purpose of life, which is to love, worship and connect with our Creator. Dhikr is easy, simple yet powerful. It takes only minutes to utter and the reward is plenty.