Most women live the day with confidence in one hand and our beauty products in the other. This is not to say that we are superficial, we merely see beauty as an added bonus to our everyday routine, and it aids in making one look professional and presentable, what with the vast choice in make-up and clothes these days. No matter how hard you try, however, unsolicited beauty catastrophes are bound to happen at the most unexpected times. Here are six everyday beauty catastrophes that happen to the most of us, how to fix them on the spot and how to prevent them.

  1. Perpetually oily skin

You are innocently going about your day with your girlfriends, walking under the scorching hot sun and enjoying some quality Girls’ Day Out only to feel the dreaded accumulation of layers and layers oil on your face– So much oil that you feel that your face is now the perfect surface to cook a sunny side up! At this point, the make-up on your face is bound to streak away.

What you can do on this unfortunate occasion is to run to the nearest restroom, pull out some toilet paper and gently dab on your face until your face feels a little less oily. Then take out your make-up bag and apply a thin layer of primer, followed by another thin layer of foundation. This next step is crucial in maintaining an oil-free face for the rest of your outing: Apply some loose powder to set all that liquid beautification products, and wait for about two minutes. Give it a spritz of cold water and you’re ready to go forth the rest of your day out oil-free!

To prevent this: Minimize washing your face. Your skin reacts to the frequent disappearance of the oil on your face by producing more oil. You can also choose a face powder that has been specially formulated to combat that stubborn face oil. An excellent choice would be Maybelline’s Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Powder.

  1. Bad Hijab Day

Are you the victim of feared scarf creases? Or of the wild excess cloth of your hijab draping all over your face like cling wrap? Don’t worry, it happens to the most of us, not to mention the calamity of hijab lopsidedness that happens after every single mealtime—It gets frustrating.

When this happens, what you can do is just ditch the pins that you’ve stuck all over your head. Spread your scarf out, place it on your head and adjust it so that it is short on one side, just a little under the chin, and long on the other. Fasten these two pieces under your chin tightly (just loose enough to allow mouth movement and enable speaking and eating, the important stuff) and when that’s done, take the long hanging piece, drape it around the front your neck and let it hang over the back of your shoulder. You have now achieved the effortless-but-fashionable look.

Pro-tip: As much as you can, opt for plain or minimal-printed scarves. This makes it easy for you as these kinds of scarves are versatile and will adapt very nicely to whatever way you style them.

  1. Bad Hair Day

For the hair-over-hijab girls, bad hair days are inevitable. Be it frizzy, oily or just simply all over the place, bad hair days are embarrassing and will definitely put a damper on your day and your self-esteem.

The solution to this unfortunate circumstance is simple: Hide the disaster. It applies to frizzy or oily hair; just pull it back into a ponytail. If you want to add some flavour, pull your hair into braids. Either way, your frizzy or oily hair will now be concealed. Another tip would be to always carry a hat, a beanie or a scarf in your car, so that whenever a bad hair day happens, you can just run to your car and decide on whether you want to hide your hair with a beanie or a scarf.

Pro-tip: For people with oily hair, it is imperative that you carry dry shampoo wherever you go. The ideal product would be Batiste™ Original Dry Shampoo.

  1. Make-up just won’t stay on!

It’s infuriating—To keep checking up on your face in the mirror only to be greeted every time by brows that have faded away, the disappearance of the gentle pink blush which was initially on your cheeks and no more highlight. You can easily reapply them but their endurance is certainly not guaranteed, not after that first strike! 

The secret to brows, blush and highlight that stay on all day is the right type of primer. Opt for translucent primer, which suits all skin colours, or green-coloured primer, which, in addition to locking your make-up on all day, colour-corrects your skin. You can simply apply a thin layer of the primer on top of your existing make-up then reapply. Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional face primer is an ideal translucent face primer that leaves your face feeling silky smooth as well as keeps your brows, blush, highlight and everything you put on your face on for the whole day.

Pro-tip: Before you even slather on all that colourful make-up goodness, apply primer on the clean canvas that is your clean, freshly washed face. With the right primer, your make-up will unquestionably stand the tests of your day.

  1. Uh-oh, I smell B.O.!

Body odour, particularly that pungent underarm smell is something that happens to everyone, especially to people who spend their whole day running back and forth for work. Make sure you detect your own smell before anyone else does!

What you can do when your insecurity starts to build up (as well as your pit smell!) is to run to your car and put on that loose cardigan or jacket over your shirt to mask the smell. This is why it is important to always have a cardigan or a jacket always at the ready in your car. In addition to that, it is always important to keep baby powder with you at all times. To temporarily ward off the awful pit smell and to give your underarms that silky, refreshing feeling, apply some baby powder onto your underarms. Something as easily available as JOHNSON’S® baby powder will do the trick.

To prevent this: The whole reason for icky pit smells is the accumulation of bacteria and dead skin cells on your underarms. Naturally it is these bacteria and dead skin cells that are required to be eradicated to prevent the dreaded smell. To do this, wash your underarms with anti-bacterial soap after a good session of armpit scrubbing and exfoliation. An easy homemade scrub would be a slightly thick slice of lemon slathered with sugar on its exposed flesh side. Using the lemon as a grip, gently scrub it onto your underarms. You will be rewarded with soft, dead skin-free, lemon-scented underarms!

  1. A wild pimple appeared!

It’s certainly heartbreaking to walk out of the house pimple-free but to go into the restroom in the middle of a work day to see that an unwelcome pimple has taken its place on your face!

What you can do when this happens is to get your hands off of trying to pop the pimple and onto some ice, or a cold cup of coffee. Wrap the ice or cold drink with some tissue paper and proceed to hold it against the spot. The coldness will reduce the size and therefore the lifespan of the said pimple, as well as eliminate its redness. Keep it on your skin for a good minute then apply again if you think you still need it. Make sure to not harm the surrounding skin with the excessive coldness!

To prevent this: Watch what you eat. Stay away from unnecessary oily foods that can contribute to the formation of unwanted pimples. It is also imperative to drink lots and lots of water.