We’ve shown you 7 Hijabi Friendly Online Stores last year, but here’s 7 more! Let’s face it, we can’t have too many choices right? How many times have you looked at your wardrobe full of clothes, but end up saying “I have nothing to wear!”. You end up going through each outfit and nothing seems to fit or make you feel great. A raise of hands whoever goes through this? I know I’m raising mine right now! We all love fashion and we all want to UP our game. We’re getting more and more daring as time passes and we want to look bold and feel beautiful! Get ready to update your shopping bookmarks!


7 More Hijabi-Friendly Online Fashion Stores You Should Bookmark

1 . FashionValet Malaysia’s first online shopping store founded by Fadza Anuar & Vivy Yusof. I’m sure you’ve heard of them! FashionValet is now Asia’s multi-label online site carrying Asian designer labels and also brings homegrown, high-end designers closer to consumers. They started off quite a small range of product categories but now, the options are endless! They offer a a variety of Hijabi-friendly clothes. You can find bags, makeup, footwear, jumpsuits, tops, scarves, basically everything, and for any occasion. They ship to anywhere worldwide and they hold some of the biggest brands in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.


7 More Hijabi-Friendly Online Fashion Stores You Should Bookmark2. Zalora which is also Asia’s leading online fashion hub operated in several Southeast Asian countries. They’re one of the fastest-growing online fashion and beauty retailers in Asia. This can be your go-to place when you clothes for casual wear to evening wear. If you’d like international brands like Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Next, Misguided, then you know this website is a site to go. They also have their own application which make shopping much more easier!


7 More Hijabi-Friendly Online Fashion Stores You Should Bookmark3. Bokitta Hijab Bokitta is a contemporary hijab and clothing brand for the modern and practical Muslim woman. They design and manufacture instant pin-less wrapped hijab for the women who appreciate comfort with ultimate style. It comes in patterns and sizes for those who like to be comfortable with their hijab coverage. I for one thought that Bokkita only sells hijabs but in fact, they also sell clothing appropriate clothing for Umrah and Hajj.


7 More Hijabi-Friendly Online Fashion Stores You Should Bookmark4. MyBatua.com Ramadan and Eid are around the corner: the season of festivities! Shop here for moderate and modest clothing. What’s unique about them is that their collection is designed and crafted upon three important criteria – Culture, Tradition and Fashion Trends, all put together beautifully. Their items range from abayas, kaftans, headscarves, accessories, they even have clothes for men. The prices are affordable and they shop worldwide.


7 More Hijabi-Friendly Online Fashion Stores You Should Bookmark

5. EastEssence  EastEssence is based in California. This could be your go-to online store to purchase your modest and flattering clothing with for your daily, occasion and even for your active wear. Right now I’m eyeing on the abayas, I could wear them for to go to all the events I have in mind. I saw the Black and white Printed Umbrella European Abaya Dress, it looks like a great outfit to wear! The price used to be $62.99, now it’s $29.99! Now that’s a bargain! Back to what I was saying before I got distracted by that dress, not only are they selling clothes, they have prayer mats, EastEssence allows customized measurements, which is totally a plus for all of us!


6. Sufyaa Another one to add to the list! a Muslimah brand based in Singapore. Dress yourself up in these clothes and feel elegant & beautiful. If you’re looking for basics with a trendy twist, Sufyaa is definitely a site to go. Traditional wear to ethnic wear, they have even have songket dresses and baju kurung, kebaya, batik skirts, batwing tops and hijabs.  A little something that you will always want to have in your wardrobe.


7. Aidijuma Based in Malaysia, Aidijuma is no stranger to the scarf industry. Aidijuma holds a strong reputation by being the trendsetter for the popular Malaysian headscarf called ‘bawal’. Its collection varies in colour in bright shades adorned with modern prints, ideal for the women that love to wear colours and patterns. Style your hijabs according to your taste or your mood, or you could also check out some of our picks for hijab styles.

Online fashion retailers are pushing boundaries all the time as they know people are becoming used to the ease of shopping on the Internet. I love shopping online, I’ve had good experiences with most of these website, so if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe and fashion style, why not try these fashion stores. All you need to do is sit in front of the computer (or phone!) and click your way around from one website to another. Look at it as walking around the mall from one floor to another, only this time you’re just moving from one tab on your computer’s browser, to another. Technology has indeed changed our lifestyles, hasn’t it?