Call two-year olds whatever you like! Terrible Twos, crazy, a little too hyperactive– They are the most adorable creatures to ever, with their cute little feet, walk the earth. Their manic energy gives them the room to showcase to the people they live with, be them their parents, aunts/uncles or siblings, with comic relief to last a lifetime of reminiscing! Based on my experience as the sister, guardian and lover of a two-year old, here are 7 reasons why two-year olds are hilarious.
  • You can trace them. Easily.
Traces of a two-year old throwing a tea party with my toys. (Photo: Sa’adah)

As a devoted enthusiast of collecting toys such as Lego ® Minifigures, My Little Pony figurines and various adorable wooden toys, my bedroom is jam-packed with cute collectables as part of my room décor. The little one would pitter-patter into my room, play with the toys then pitter-patter out when she’s done. It truly is a funny sight: Tiny ponies either in toy cups and/or Minifigures on toy plates, strewn neatly in one particular spot in my bedroom. The little one’s movement is easily traceable.

  • Gibberish insults!

I consider her very clever what with her quick acquiring of new words and the fast expansion of her vocabulary. However, babies will be babies, and babies talk baby style: Baby talk. As happy of a baby she is, she gets angry occasionally and when she does, she throws insults around. She would, with a crunched up face, look up to me and shout, “You glo!” as if it is the most hurtful insult ever. It isn’t. I don’t understand it and it is hilarious.

  • Substitute Food
There’s a plastic toy egg in the midst of the other eggs. (Photo: Sa’adah)

One of the most enjoyable types of toys to play with is toy food. Little ones, however, take it to a whole another level: You can’t deny how funny it is to crave omelettes in the middle of the night and to reach into the fridge only to find one fake toy egg placed innocently among the other ‘real’ eggs in the egg rack. On the fridge’s lower shelf, I see a toy watermelon positioned by the fruits. This is undoubtedly the antics of a little 2-year old.

  • Talking Like a Grown-Up
It is known that children are like sponges. Nevertheless, there is something bizarre about hearing a little child say the same words along with the exact same intonation as a 25-year old woman. Listening to a small child telling you to, “Take care,” whenever you step out of the house, or having to hear a squeaky voice say, “See you soon,” before even mere minutes of separation (whenever I go to the toilet, for example) is strangely cute and without a doubt amusing.
  • Cute Sad
As happy of a child she is, a little child will undeniably feel sad sometimes. The thing with children at the age of two, however, is that every little thing has to be dramatic especially their expression of sadness. My sister, upon acknowledging our father’s absence from the house because of work, would bow her head down and let out a sigh, ever so slowly. She would then drag her feet to and will face a nearby wall. A small whimper would be heard, followed by more passionate sighs. Of course the sight of a sad child makes the heart heavy, but the theatrics are definitely laugh-worthy.
  • The Imitation Game: The Musical

The little sponges don’t limit their absorbent power to just words: Music plays a huge role in kids’ lives! Two-year olds will replicate every melody you sing. With their every might they will also try to imitate the words that you chant. It is especially funny when my sister listens intently to an Azaan (a prayer call) and replicates it almost perfectly. For what she performs in the musical department, she lacks in the lyrical aspect because all you would be able to hear is a pitch-perfect rendition of the prayer call only with its words replaced with meaningless gibberish.
  • The Sun Never Sets in a House With a 2-year old!
By sun, I mean pure joyful cheerfulness. Her glee little smile is contagious and it brightens every room she runs (never does the little one walk) into. You can’t help but smile whenever the little one is around, laugh along whenever she lets out her adorable laughs and be as excited as she is whenever she gets hyped up– which is all the time! It is funny how even despite how tiring it is to raise a child this age, her spirit is enough to keep us going everyday. That, and her crazy funny antics!