It’s humid, slightly distressing, a tad precarious and largely overwhelming. No, it’s not a casual hike in the woods I’m referring to (although with my experience with exercise, it could be) and no, it’s not about life on a farm either. I’m talking about the experience of attending a music festival. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into, whether it’s house music, hip-hop, Kpop or just straight up mainstream bubblegum pop; there’s something for everyone if you’re willing to look hard enough.

“Why not just go to concerts?” I hear you say. The thing is, concerts are all fine and well when it’s for an artist that you’re a huge fan of and don’t mind standing and walking six hours straight for. But music festivals, on the other hand, offer something unique to the memory that cannot be gotten just simply anywhere. Trust me when I say, a good time doesn’t have to be limited to the likes of Coachella or the Burning Man, it can take place as near as a neighboring country or state and still hold the same magic. Think of it as camp-like bubbles of fun which have everything that you could need within the premises including food, shelter, toilets, resting areas, shops, galleries and unlimited entertainment.

Here’s why you should attend one at least once in a lifetime:

1. “Challenge yourself”

You know how annoyingly gung-ho trekkers are always pushing people to “challenge yourself”, “test your capabilities” and “surprise yourself with the discovery of your true strength” by literally taking a hike? The same thing applies to music festivals. You won’t realize how mentally strong you are until you’ve been cheek-to-cheek with a sweaty, smelly stranger as you both jostle for dancing space, or gone to the toilet in a Porta Potty while having to manually pump your own water to operate the sink. So be adventurous! Eat some questionable pizza off a piece of cardboard while standing up! Be all #yolo and ignore the fact that you haven’t washed your hands before or after your finger-food meal because there’s no sink nearby and because a bottle of water costs 6 dollars! And don’t worry about how you look, your flower crown will make sure your aesthetic remains in check.

2. So. Many. Photo ops!

There’s nothing like attending a festival to up your insta-game. With quirky props boasting big name brands, elaborate backdrops and bright colourful festival paraphernalia literally everywhere, events like these ooze creativity while attracting a like-minded audience. Even in the cheapest, most run-of-the-mill festivals, you’ll stumble across more than your fair share of fashionable people strutting their best. Whether you’re a style blogger, a social media aficionado or just someone who likes taking pretty pictures, the time is now and the place is here.

3. Exploring new music and experiencing them live

Let’s get real. There are a lot of hits and misses that goes on during music festivals. Unless you’ve truly done your research and dedicated a lot of time getting to know the music of every single act that’s playing, you’re not going to know a lot of the bands performing. Sometimes it’s great because there’s always the possibility that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by discovering that the most boring singers can turn out to be fantastic performers in real life. Also, there’s something very surreal about hearing a hit song that you’ve heard over the radio a thousand times being performed by the actual singer live in front of. Your. Very. Eyes.

4. Go All Out Style-Wise

What’s a better place to break out all the daring trends that you’ve never had the nerve to work in real life? Forget about your fear of being overdressed, looking ridiculous and being stared at. One, everyone is way too busy minding their own business and having fun to care. Two, places like these are often packed which means there’s about less than a 20% chance of you bumping into the same person twice so, why worry? So give those bold prints a try, put on that green lipstick that you bought but never wore out of the house or wear those glasses with the quirky frames that you always thought looked silly on you. You won’t regret.

Or, if none of these appeal to you or aren’t your cup of tea in any way, simply go just so you can say that you did and to tick something new off your bucket list (and also to win cool brownie points from your future grandchildren), and then make up your mind to never step foot in one ever again for the rest of your life. Either way, new experiences spent out of one’s comfort zone are great in that they can turn out to be blessings or just really good lessons that should only be lived out once.