While I enjoy travelling to an almost unhealthy extent (for my bank account, that is), one thing that I’m not so great at is packing for a trip, and this extends all the way to packing my makeup kit for my travels. I would either end up with a giant, heavy cosmetics bag, or I forget all about my kit and will inevitably go on a trip with just a lip balm in hand, to my consternation. It took a number of trips before I was finally happy with the amount of makeup I would carry with me while I travel; not too sparse that I’d have to look for a replacement in the local drugstores, and not too much that I’d be bringing my heavyweight palettes.

This is a list that I’ve pretty much stuck to for the past couple of years, and you’re free to add or remove items according to your own preferences, but hopefully this will give you a bit of insight into what you could bring, and what’s better left on your vanity table!

1. Cushion foundation

PHOTO: Laneige

The day cushion foundations were created was a revolutionary day in the makeup world, in my humble opinion. If you’re like me and you like portability, functionality and a great base, get yourself a lovely cushion foundation!

2. Eyebrow kit

PHOTO: Laneige

My eyebrows are sparse and unsightly, so an eyebrow kit is sorely needed in any of my makeup bags. Eyebrows really do frame the face and you know you’ll be taking a ton of selfies on your trip, so make sure to make some space in your kit.

3. Mascara

PHOTO: Zahara Cosmetics

A tube of mascara goes a long way towards bringing out your eyes, even without the help of an eyelash curler.

4. Eye shadow + Eyeliner

PHOTO: Zahara Cosmetics

If you’re not into liquid eyeliner or you’d like to really pare down the  number of items in your makeup travel kit, invest in an eye shadow palette with a dark grey or black shade. You can totally use the colour as a subtle eyeliner!

5. Tinted lip balm


I’m a huge lipstick junkie, but even I know that bringing five different shades on a trip might be a little too much. My happy go to item these days is a pigmented tinted lip balm; not only does it moisturize, it definitely brings together a fantastic makeup look.

6. Face mist

PHOTO: Avene

Travelling can and most likely will take a toll on one’s face, so having a face mist on hand will help with the grimy feeling of being stuck in an airplane for hours on end, or even as a quick way to set your makeup.

7. Face wipes

PHOTO: Watsons MY | Biore

At the end of the day, don’t forget to wipe off all of that makeup!


8. Sheet mask

Sheet masks are wonderful for an extra boost of hydration, especially after a day of travelling with a full face of makeup. It’ll help to relax you at the end of the day, no matter how many hurdles you might have gone through in order to reach your destination.

9. Dry shampoo

And if you feel that you may have to give up on normal shampoo for your travel, for whatever reasons, investing in a bottle of dry shampoo will aid in keeping those locks in check!