Established in 2012, Colors Addiction Sdn Bhd (M) pushed out their product brand Aidijuma in hopes of being the finest scarf and shawl company the world has to offer by utilizing noteworthy, striking colours and designs, as well as giving an exemplary service to customers. Having an impressive number of concept stores all over Malaysia, AIDIJUMA has set a standard for fashion scarves and shawls in South East Asia, and they’re not letting their journey end without showing the whole world their colours!

The concept of Aidijuma was conceived when the founder, Datin Norjuma Habib Mohamed, wanted the simplicity of a cotton scarf of high quality, yet affordable for students and working women alike. Realising that there was a huge market, it has since evolved from a simple cotton square scarf to designs which parallels both femininity and empowerment. These include pastel images of ice-cream, worldwide landmarks, ridiculously cute flowers and even the ever delicious macaroons.

However, if there was one thing we had to absolutely choose about what makes Aidijuma stand out, it’s their signature piece, the Bawal scarf. Available in different styles and colours, these scarves have captured the hearts of shawl-wearers because of their versatility in both simplicity and diversity.

And so, with the achievement of reaching 21 concept stores across Malaysia, they have extended and reached out to expand their influence, setting up their very first overseas headquarters outside of Malaysia by delving into the warm nation of Brunei Darussalam, with its launching happening on Saturday, the 17th of June 2017 in Gadong.

This location will cater to their customers all over Borneo Island, allowing them to partake not just in Aidijuma’s beautiful creations, but also in their wonderful vision in allowing women from all walks of life to look, and feel, like the empowering beauties they were meant to be.

Look forward to what Aidijuma has in store as they soar to new heights on international grounds!