When left to cultivate within oneself, anxiety and its consequences, not excluding anxiety attacks, come at the most unexpected and unwelcome of times. Anxiety means many different things to different people but it is rooted in the same basis whereby it will undoubtedly cause a stagnation in one’s growth towards becoming a better person. It is unfortunately a common ailment among today’s youths, unsurprisingly so, what with the stress and pressures of this day and age’s requirements on a daily basis.

Here at Muslyfe, we empathize with those who face the troubles of anxiety, and we believe that despite being emotional creatures, us women are not slaves to our feelings which is why we have curated a list of 3 reasons/reminders as to why we should always muster as much emotional, physical and spiritual strength as we can to ward off the dreaded anxiety.

1. Anxiety makes you unable to control your emotions

Anxiety and the Muslim WomanWhen one lets anxiety take over, all abilities of emotional control go down the drain. When one becomes overpowered by anxiety attacks, these attacks and their effects on your body and your mind are the only things you are able to focus on which unfortunately means that your emotions will go haywire—You will be breaking down regardless of the time and place and you will basically be rendered emotionally and physically non-functioning. If this becomes a regularity, you will never learn to control your emotions which will result in you not being to maintain grace no matter the conditions, which will be at the risk of your own emotional embarrassment and therefore, your quality of relationships and life.

The next time you feel the cold, clammy fingers of an anxiety attack creeping into your body and mind, remind and convince yourself that the conclusion of your troubles will be nothing but comfort. The Muslim woman can find solace in what Allah SWT has promised his followers in Al-Inshirah:

So surely along the hardship there is ease. / Surely with that hardship comes more ease.
Qur’an [94:5 & 94:6]

The strong woman will find conviction in the words of comfort from Allah SWT Himself, and will be above letting her emotions take over her well being.

2. Anxiety affects your health

Many seem to overlook the fact that anxiety is a risk to one’s physical health in addition to one’s mental health. The anxious, as stated in the above point, is fixated on merely two things: The reason for the onset of her anxiety in the first place and its effects on herself. With that said, everything else is neglected—The anxious will be too distracted to eat, to sleep and to mainly sustain a healthy, well-functioning body. Because of anxiety, health, which is the most important thing for a person to have, is compromised and this is why it is essential for anxiety to be kept at bay or even better, eradicated.

On the other hand, anxiety has also been proven to be rooted partly in what you eat. We can see from here on that anxiety is a vicious cycle: If you do not eat well, you will become more at risk to the onset of anxiety and when you do become overcome with anxiety attacks, you will not be in the right mind to monitor your nutrition. With that said, the smartest way to prevent oneself from being vulnerable to anxiety is by looking after what you eat. Maintain a constant intake of food rich in Vitamin B. These include leafy greens, beef and legumes.

3. Anxiety causes immobility in life

Anxiety, without doubt, is one of the major causes as to why a person remains stagnant in their pursuit towards a better quality of life, especially in terms of one’s career, relationship and academics. The anxious, as stated, focuses solely on her troubles and the resulting feeling of persistent worthlessness to a point that either everything else is forgotten or she truly believes her worthlessness renders her unfit to do anything. The anxious, as a result, remains immobile because she does not do anything because of her anxiety.

The Muslim woman, therefore, should keep in mind that no one is completely useless, no matter how strongly she believes that she is. She needs to stop suspecting that she is useless and look back on her experiences that has shaped her to become the successful person that she is now. It is imperative for her to remain optimistic especially in times when anxiety takes over and she believes that she is nothing, for Allah SWT has stated in Al-Hujurat, that:

O you who believe, avoid much suspicion. Indeed, some suspicion is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other.
Qur’an [49:12]

The strong Muslim woman is stronger than anxiety because she avoids suspicion without reason. Most importantly, she never suspects herself for no reason, and the key to refraining from suspecting herself for being hopeless or worthless is the possession of optimism. With optimism, the Muslim woman will surely ward off anxiety and as fulfilling results, her career will skyrocket, her academics will improve, her relationships will soar and most of all, she will believe in herself.