W e all yearn for that extra time in bed when we don’t have to think about anything for a quick second and everything is just peaceful. We have all the time in the world, and then life hits us, remembering suddenly there are a million things on the list that have to be crossed out before the day is over.

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!” – The White Rabbit

We are always rushing but there is no reason we can’t still look top notch. Everything comes down to the one simple rule: the night before. Sure, it takes extra preparation time after coming back from such a long day but it makes all the difference. Let us argue why:

Wash your hair at night instead of in the morning. This way, you will feel refreshed and in the morning your hair will still stay soft and you’re ready to kick the day. If you are a hijabi, the clean slate will enlighten your scalp before facing at least eight hours fully covered. For the non-hijabis, it gives enough rest to your hair ready for styling, especially when using dry shampoo or hairspray.

Next, get all your clothes ready. Lay out all your options whether you are going for comfort or style. There is no reason to make a mess in the morning and crying after looking at the time because you have nothing to wear (we have all been there). This will only dampen your early start! Take your time to mix and match and have a runway in your room while you’re at it. Once you are done, iron them for that sharp look. There is nothing more amazing than a confident woman who carries herself well dressed to the nines.

Pack your bags so you do not miss or forget anything. It may seem menial, but packing your daily things early makes a big difference than rushing in the morning trying to remember if you missed anything. Especially if you want that bag to match that amazing look you have going on for the day. Essentials such as your purse, power bank, cable, keys, lipstick, and definitely a foldable shopping bag because we care for the environment.

Never miss breakfast. Breakfast from home does not have to be complicated. Get a ziplock bag and pack some fruits all cut up ready to munch on the go. Get some oatmeal inside a mason jar, pour in milk and yogurt along with fruits of your choice overnight and simply grab it as you walk out the door.

Finally, prepare your morning routine at your vanity. This includes:

  • Moisturiser to prep.
  • BB/CC Cream with SPF to protect from the harsh sun and cover blemishes.
  • Mascara to pump those lashes.
  • Sharpen cheeks with a bronzer that ultimately contours too.
  • Bonus points: blush and highlight for a warmer look.

And that is it, you are done.

Now all you need to do is wake up, wash, get dressed, give yourself 15-30 minutes for that after shower routine, get your bag, grab breakfast and walk out the door feeling fabulous!

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman – Coco Chanel