Walking along the streets of a city, one is bound to come across some sort of wall scrawl on buildings, or a random bicycle being yarn bombed, or a perfectly placed action figure standing next to a lamp post. It makes you wonder whether they were done on the purpose of being artistic, or being humorous, or maybe even to be a rebel?

Street art gained its popularity in the early 1980s and at the turn of the 21st century, it is still being pushed to inspire the public. Artists are pushing themselves outside of their standard plain-woven canvas and literally taking the world as an infinite space of art canvas made of drab, monotonous buildings.

The Stigma

It seems to trail blaze a stigma and some people would feel provoked when graffiti is addressed as an art form. These people may think that it’s a crime, it’s vandalism and it’s a destruction of public property. While there may be some tasteless scribbles and scrawling behind toilet doors and behind bus seats, it’s logical enough that these can’t be considered as the best examples of street art.

It doesn’t have to be heavily stigmatised.

The Evolution 

In recent years, the public opinion has been rather favourable towards street art and this is because the attitude of the street artists have changed as well. The messages they are conveying are not as aggressive, but they have become sympathetic and tolerant.

For that, street artists are impressive. They are able to compose an art piece from a small draft of an A4 sketchbook and blow and scale it up to its appropriate proportions on a bigger wall. Moreover, the message of the piece that it’s trying to voice out will always be food for thought. Sometimes artists hide so many meanings inside their masterpiece so well that just one glance would not be enough. But once you take a second, third look at the same art piece — it is always a thrill to find the hidden humour, the satire, the puzzles of a street art.

How can these people be labelled as criminals when they are able to produce such thought-provoking compositions which can express emotions and meaning?

Street art is art. Street artists are artists.