Good friends can be hard to find, especially if they’re downright different from each other. They say opposites attract, but when you seem to be on other ends of the spectrum, it can be incredibly difficult to strike a nice balance in a friendship where one of you thrives on socializing and the other would rather be caught dead in their pajamas on a Friday night than out making new friends. It seems like a recipe for disaster and yet, there’s always enough spice to liven a friendship between an introvert and extrovert, due to all the differences that may occur in that sort of relationship. Here are a few things relevant across the board when you’re in an introvert-extrovert friendship:

1. Constant compromises

When the two of you are so dissimilar, there is bound to be a lot of things you may disagree on, which means you’ll need to handle constant compromises between the both of you. For example, the introvert would end up acquiescing to the extrovert’s request of checking out that new restaurant in town, if only the same extroverted friend would be willing enough to stay in for four hours straight for a movie marathon during the weekend, away from the rest of the world.

2. The art of acceptance

Frustration is inevitable in a relationship made up of odds and ends, which is why learning to accept each other as their own persons is vital for the friendship between and introvert and extrovert to flourish. Your extroverted friend will be hyped up on energy literally 95% of the time, even when they’re dead tired on their feet sometimes, and your introverted friend is almost always going to hiss at the thought of meeting strangers, or even mutual friends on a particularly bad day.

3. Mutual benefits

However, one of the best things about being in an introvert-extrovert friendship is the fact that both of you will be pushed out of your comfort zones, for your own betterment. You get to be able to put yourself in the other’s shoes and gain a fresh, new perspective on a certain situation, and you’ll learn to better appreciate each other as well.

4. Affection

The extrovert would be loud in their proclamation of adoration for their introverted friend, and the latter might express it in quiet, subtle ways, but it doesn’t negate the fact that your friendship is truly something special. Being able to be friends with someone who’s vastly different can be occasionally downright infuriating, but the gems that come out of that friendship are like no other. You balance each other and complement each other’s strengths whilst covering up the other’s weaknesses. At the end of the day, both of you truly do care for each other, but you probably have different ways of showing it. And that’s okay!