With the incredibly successful launch of The Royal dUCk Collection, Vivy Yusof, founder of dUCk, seemed on top of the world during yesterday’s press conference after the launch event. And who could blame her, after having kept this collaboration a secret for several months leading up to the unveiling of dUCk’s latest exquisite collection?

When asked how the entire project began, Vivy explained that it all started when Her Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Sarah visited a FashionValet pop up held in the same ballroom a year ago, and enquired about the former’s scarf. From getting to know the sister-in-law of Her Royal Highness, toying with the idea of a collaboration to its actual fruition, the entire process of creating the collection was indeed a privilege for Vivy herself. She was not hesitant in her praise of Her Royal Highness, whom she spoke of as an icon and role model for the women in Brunei in her role of spreading positive values as an influence.

Vivy Yusof talking about how the collaboration came to be. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

The Royal dUCk Collection is the first ever collaboration with any individual, marking a huge milestone for the brand’s history since its inception three years ago in 2014. The 4 lovely scarves hold several different elements that represent a unique attribute of womanhood, inspired by the life of Her Royal Highness. Through Whatsapp and phone calls, the pieces were given a specially personal touch by Her Royal Highness before the works were finalized and ready to be unveiled.

Vivy revealed that the news of the collaboration alone was enough to generate massive interest in the collection, regardless of any pricing details, and its launch in Malaysia is highly dependent on whether the preorders would reach a total limit during the event held for the public in the afternoon and evening. She acknowledged that due to the exclusivity, there will be dUCkies who may be unable to acquire any of the scarves, but she is also prepared for the backlash and believes it is what makes the brand special for its customers. However, dUCkies can definitely look forward to more amazing collaborations planned in the future, as well as product launches for the upcoming Eid season.

Vivy happily showing one of the pieces from the collection. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

As for her message for us here at Muslyfe, the triple threat mogul readily admits that it does get overwhelming for women, juggling family and work. Nevertheless, the key to Vivy’s own go-getter attitude is her positive outlook on life. She opened up about the criticism she faced as a blogger and entrepreneur, and stressed the point to treat criticism as advice to reflect on one’s actions. “Never think you are a victim; chin up, toughen up and never give up.”

Assertive, ambitious and humble; it therefore comes as no surprise that dUCk’s success is more than just a claim to fame, but an extraordinary story of the exultation of womanhood and all the qualities that make a woman her own true self. And we at Muslyfe believe that a woman should be celebrated for who she is; whether her story is found in the soft Ash Blue or Peach shades, or the passionate Red or Pink hues of this marvelous collection.