I think we are all at least vaguely familiar with Green Kryptonite, the radioactive remains of Superman’s home of Krypton. A one of a kind element, though it came from his home, ironically, Superman as well as other Kryptonians are rather susceptible to its radiation. If you have watched any of the Superman series, he is always vulnerable in a presence of green kryptonite, and he became even weaker and more powerless the nearer the kryptonite is to him. Henceforth, he can never be in close proximity to Kryptonite and most probably should have no reason to be.

That’s how similar it can be when it comes to human beings. Some people are a kind of kryptonite to others. In their presence, we become vulnerable to their poisonous tongue. In their presence, they would criticise us endlessly and possibly mercilessly, no matter what we do, no matter how hard or how much we try to get things done in our own way, just to see us fall down to our knees. This kryptonite-like human being doesn’t have to search for a weakness in another person, nor do they care if the person is better or stronger than them. They would automatically ensure their best to see the person tumble.

Like Superman, he knew kryptonite was his inevitable weakness, and he knew that there will come a point when a villain would use his weakness against him; but being the Superman that he was, he would never let that fear get to him to the point where he would run away.

He would fight back if it meant it would save someone.

I am saying this, to point out that regardless of how virulent a person is to you, it is okay to stumble on rocks, to cry over pain and feel defeated once in a while. But never let toxic words define who you are permanently. People are easily envious of you. So when people bully you, remember that they see something great within you that they don’t have, or can’t have.

So choose to get up and fight. If these bad-mouthed people despise you and would go a mile to destroy you, so be it, but never let them disrespect you and never let them get in the way of your best.