When I first read this book ten years ago, it was at that stage of my life where everything seems darker than it used to be. Going through exams that will decide my path in the future, a close family member fell ill and a loss of a beloved grandfather. That is when I found this book from my sister’s bookshelf like its meant to be. The book titled “Don’t Be Sad” by ‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarn.

As we are living in this modern life, we are more than often dwell over the littlest things like not owning the latest gadgets to not being able to own that expensive car (while you still have a car that sends you from Point A to Point B!). Most of us are too caught up in this temporary world, letting our emotions control us. More than obvious today, it seems to be easy to fall into this trap of ungratefulness.

They say, put yourself in someone else’s shoes, someone who has had it worse than you. Someone who doesn’t own a bed or even a roof over their heads, but we come complaining of how small our bed is or how unmatching our bed sheet is, or complaining over not having enough food in the fridge while we are just simply being picky over someone who would sell anything and everything just to feed their family and children with a piece of bread. Subhan Allahmay Allah have mercy on us all.

Ever since I discovered this book, I started to become more appreciative and aware of these situations, especially to the things that my parents provide me growing up, and learned how to deal with tests and tribulations life has to offer over complaining over the petty things. It changes my perspective on being sad, and encourages me to seek help to Allah. The way it should be.

This book’s contents have the perfect extracts of the Quran, stories of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), and examples of the problems and solutions to modern living. Here, I share the 3 of the main things I’ve hugely come to learn :

  1. Embracing yourself

In terms of characteristics, people are like the world of trees and plants: sweet and sour, tall and short, and so on. Your beauty and value is in preserving your natural state. Our varied colours, languages, talents and abilities are signs from our Creator, the Almighty, the All-Glorious, so do not disbelieve in them

I find this passage powerful and I know it is relatable to most women out there. Some would feel insecure about themselves, how they look, how they speak, their skin, their body sizes, while we should all be embracing our differences, that’s what makes you… you! We all should be proud of how we inherited our parents’ or ancestors’ genes, their characteristics and appearances, just the way Allah made us to be. 

  1. Life goes on no matter what

We shouldn’t hold on to the past forever. Tragedies that have happened before cannot be taken back; it cannot be reversed.

Reading too much into the past is a waste of the present

A good quote I found in the book that should be remembered when we’re just too distracted and focused on what has happened in the past.

  1. Dealing with criticism

If you read further, it would also tell you on how to deal with bitter criticism. Criticism is everywhere, and can be told by anyone, from the closest to us or even a stranger. It is something that we could not avoid. It is a matter of choice to accept it or be offended by it. This book will remind you to remain patient and instead of getting angry, forgive. 

  1. Being thankful

One huge thing that has transformed me from this book is when I constantly reflect on myself and to always feel thankful. It uplifts my spirit and keeps me from being someone that whines about the smallest things and to be more positive in life. Those little things are what shapes the person that I am today.

Fast forward to today, I still find this book useful, when I am content with my life today, Alhamdulillah, this book comforts me and reminds me of Allah, of how Almighty He is, to be patient for the things I wish to have but can’t have, to be good to others, to be myself and not imitate others, avoiding the feeling of jealousy, and to always surround myself with good people with good intentions.

I would highly recommend the readers out there to have a read on “Don’t Be Sad”, and when you do, I hope you will feel peace and tranquility whilst reading. It is for all, whether you’re going through hardship or not, simply to remind oneself, because we all need a little reminder sometimes.