Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamt of having a hidden room which would only be accessed by a secret door resembling a bookshelf – just like the ones we had seen in movies! Or at least a library that has a rustic, Euro classic style with an Asian flair to it. But more importantly than this far-fetched dream is a momentous dedication to reading books. I thought I was a bookworm, but I’ve constantly fallen out of the discipline of sticking to one book before getting distracted by another book.

In order to compensate my poor reading habit, I tend to call myself a bibliophile. Hoarding books is my guilty pleasure. As a bibliophile, you can only imagine how many books one tends to possess rather than the number of books one has read.

As an aspiring bookworm, a good way to motivate oneself to read more is to follow people who love books on social media; it’s how I found out that I was just a novice bibliophile. This is not an exhaustive list of all the things that I’ve seen from book lovers, but definitely some of my favourites.

1. Colour-Coordinated Bookshelf

*heart eyes emoji*  PHOTO: Pinterest

This is the only time where you can break the rule of “not judging the book by its cover”. This is the kind of bookshelf that I wouldn’t mind investing in because the only skill that you would need is a good pair of eyes and attention to detail to make sure everything fits perfectly.

*drools* PHOTO: Juniper Books

If you are a hardcore bibliophile, you can even buy custom book jackets! Obviously, they are much more expensive than a regular book but it would be a grand – a perfect one, for sure – gift for any bookworm, bibliophile or whatever book lovers call themselves.

If you have a favourite book series, what better way to commemorate your love for it than this? I would reserve this for a series that I have actually read and love. The cost would have to depend on the material used and illustrations; it can cost up to $300. Would you spend this much for books all at once?

#bookshelfgoals. PHOTO: Pinterest.

I must confess: I would try to read everything on the bookshelf but that would take a lifetime to achieve. Just imagine admiring this over a cup of coffee or talking about it with your fellow book lovers! We would probably need a long session just talking about tips and tricks to do this.

The only problem that would surely come is thinking about where to put your next purchase. #firstworldproblems

2. Unconventional & Adventurous

PHOTO: Pinterest.

One of the realistic ways to hug a tree – without getting chased by bees or bitten by ants – is getting this beautifully crafted bookshelf for your home. It doesn’t store that many books but I think it adds an unconventional central piece in a room with a natural feel – one that I would personally go for… for the love of trees and nature.

It only gets better from here.

There’s this famous saying by St. Augustine: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – I couldn’t agree more. Having an intense wanderlust at times is

PHOTO: Pinterest

detrimental to my state of mind and reading books is the only way for me to escape from mundane routines or wishful thoughts of travelling the world.

What’s more perfect to celebrate your love for books and travel than to treat yourself with a bookshelf inspired by the world map? Here’s a fun thought: wouldn’t it be cool to fill a shelf with books to signify the places that you’ve travelled to? Forget about the scratch map, travellers!

This might require a lot of work – and money – to just get your hands on this. But I would substitute this with my dream to have a hidden room. Or be greedy and get both.

PHOTO: Pinterest

There’s also another option if these styles don’t resonate with you. You can go grunge and steampunk with your bookshelf. It will add a surprising element to any house and one that would surely stir a conversation.

This one looks like a bookshelf that one would be able to build from home – by all means, do it! There’s no such thing as too weird or impossible once you get your hands dirty.

3. DIY Bookshelf

All these ideas are great, but I’m broke! Always go for DIY if you prefer a cheaper option.

Various sizes of box shelves arranged into a flower shape. PHOTO: apartment therapy by Janel Laban

Easier said than done.

Having had done some basic DIYs shelves in the past, there is one thing that I’ve learnt: your tools are everything. If you have the right tool, it wouldn’t be hard work. The accomplishment that you would feel after completing a DIY project is indescribable. Other than that, it’s a perfect way to reuse leftover wood or dilapidated home furniture. There is no rule to this except go big or go home.

PHOTO: Pinterest

Here are two examples where you can transform unused ladders to create your very own bookshelf.

PHOTO: Pinterest

The most fulfilling part about DIY is that you are able to customise it according to your style. It’s a fun way to decorate your space and brush up your handiness skill.

And most importantly, no one else would have the same bookshelf as yours!

If you have any successful DIY projects, feel free to invite me to your house and and I can gaze at them like a predator would at its prey.

That’s right. I love gazing at other people’s bookshelves, especially when they arrange their books according to their personality and style. It’s a quick way to get to know what a person likes and what scope of topics they like to talk about.

Now, it comes down to one question: which bookshelf was your favourite? Let us know!


Syaza is a freelance writer whose life revolves around coffee, cats and heartwarming stories.