Have you ever binge-watched YouTube videos? Only to find out, you’ve wasted hours from watching something educational to a chain of… Cat videos. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed just by being online? You even start the day by checking your social media accounts just to see what you’ve missed out. We’re swamped in the notifications valley, so caught up in “exploring” our Instagram feed to see the latest stories from people whom we’ve followed. And all these are not only time-consuming, but also mind-consuming.

We would then feel horrible for wasting all of the precious time doing something that never would have changed our lives in the first place. Most of the time we do this out of habit, and breaking a habit is not easy. Perhaps, we have too much time on our hands and we don’t even have anything planned for the day that the Internet is an easy choice to fill our time. So much information is right at our fingertips, to the point where we don’t even realise how much we’ve consumed.

The question is: how do we break this cycle of consumption?

But it isn’t just social media that is the culprit to our addiction of consuming. It’s everything that the Internet has to offer. If you’re crazy about history or science, you can easily find the latest news online and fulfill your curiousity about a certain issue. If you need to learn a new vocabulary, you don’t need to flip through your dictionaries anymore like how we used to in English class. Better yet, you can learn the basics of a language just by searching online. With the Internet, we can be self-taught cooks, artists and experts in the most unconventional area of interest you can think of.

However, the downside of having free information laying around in the world wide web is that it might make us lose our authenticity and originality. In the end, we might not even focus on that one thing just because there’s another wave of #trending skills or platforms that we millennials tend to be dependent upon nowadays. Then there’s the dilemma of “not knowing what to do with our lives”. This dilemma might be rooted in our over-consumption of information and not knowing where and how to place the pieces in our lives.

With all of the information that we receive, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. And I understand that we want to be good at different things and be marketable enough, especially in the day and age where securing a job is difficult.

Often, the only solution is to stop consuming and just start creating.

We are made to be creative. Our right part of the brain is calling us for action when you’d start feeling like you’re stuck and not getting anywhere. It’s a call of action to create.

And the beauty of creating is that it allows you to explore several things if you haven’t found a niche that you’re passionate about and motivated enough to stick to. If you start creating and trying, only then you’ll be able to feel that moment when your heart would start to palpitate out of the adrenaline rush and your mind would not switch off until you respond to the urge to create.

Yes, creativity and motivation ebbs and flows; there’s a moment of a high and a moment of a low. It’s a part of the creative process, remember? And then you’re almost addicted to it – in a good way – because it just makes you more wholesome and fulfilled. You need to find those moments of creation that make you feel, you.


Syaza is a freelance writer whose life revolves around coffee, cats and heartwarming stories.