On the afternoon of a very sunny Saturday, the Energy and Industry Department EIDPMO and DARE: Darussalam Enterprise, organized an eventful segment in conjunction with the First Made in Brunei Market Fair this weekend hosted by Brunei’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, also known as MSMEs. Concentrating on the topic eCommerce, the main aim was to guide and inspire small, local businesses to venture out to a global level with the aid of today’s advanced digital world.

The ceremony began with an encouraging speech by Mr Javed Ahmad, the Chief Executive Officer of DARE, where he reminded the audience of the importance of small businesses and the great opportunities that await them. He touched on the features that eCommerce can provide such as increasing the visibility and awareness of a local company, and creating the opening of different doors with the click of a finger.  He also stressed the importance of innovating your potential vision to the world, without the hassle of stepping out of the country, and how that was the beauty of eCommerce.

The event was followed by 5 different but linking categories hosted by different speakers, each experts in their own fields.

PHOTO: Muslyfe

eCommerce: Understanding Potential Opportunities and Challenges

The first speaker was Tony Tao (Vice President of DHgate), where he concentrated on SMEs, and connecting the world with a single click. Through his research, he estimated that 914 million people are communicating through social media networks, and an approximation of 361 people shop via cross-border eCommerce. This means the potential of a growing business to reach out to these amounts of people could lead to a tremendous exponential rate. During the discussion panel, Mr Tao was even able to give an example of a few individuals whose businesses grew globally within a 5 year period.

The following speaker was Madam Syarifah Najwa Syed Abu Bakar (Senior Director of SME Corp Malaysia). She fluently expressed her belief that eCommerce is a trend that is needed to be embraced, or else a huge loss would be an inevitable consequence.  She also highlights the fact that Malaysia’s eCommerce GDP contribution is at a percentage of 5.9, which is relatively high and steadily growing.

eCommerce Platform Opportunities in Brunei

For this segment, an interactive discussion was held between 3 wonderful entrepreneurs: Azri Jumat from Cubejunction, Edah Hasnal, founder of Bruvera, and Nur Khairunissa Md Metusin, founder Storkitani. One of the most interesting topics that was raised was whether they complemented or competed amongst one another, to which Mr Azri assured only the eagerness of collaboration is present between them.

eCommerce, ePayment and sCommerce: enabling Brunei to ASEAN

Miss Yienyee from Avana led the audience towards the topic, “Enabling Access to Digital Economy where she acknowledged that social media is an integral part of life, and how MSME can manage everything in a single platform, and Avana has a full-on course training and programme to learn how to do so.

eCommerce for today’s Digital Generation

This discussion panel was all about seizing the opportunities, and one of those ways is through Facebook. Mr. Kurniawan Santoso, who is a client partner in Global Sales Operation for Facebook Indonesia made an eye-opening talk on how 1 billion people on Facebook are connected to at least one business in a foreign country. This was further explained through experience by Hj Mohd Sabri (General Manager and Technical Executive Officer of Mumtaz Collection) how a dollar in ads On Facebook could lead to 3 to 5 times the revenue of that dollar.

Logistics in the 21st Century

The most important and last segment was the logistics of a modern business in the 21st century. A business can gain a lot with the proper guidance of logistics. It cannot be highlighted enough that proper logistics, which cover the labeling, packaging, handling, delivery and more can be cost effective, especially in preventing penalties and lawsuits.