I have a confession to make. I am a fraudulent foodie. There are some days where I don’t make it my life’s mission to try new restaurants and food. On these occasions, I only have two words on my mind: “Carnaby Street”. Chant it, remember it, make it your mantra. If Carnaby Street was a person, she would be my confidante. Why? Because I know I can rely on Good Ol Carnaby. It is my go-to place when all else fails i.e. when I can’t be bothered to wrack my brain thinking of new places to eat. Carnaby Street is the home to many restaurants, cafes and bars.

For this post, I will list my top four trusty places guaranteed to placate my grumbling tummy.

Credits: staxdiner.com
  1. Stax Diner

Located in the first floor of Kingly Court, this is an American-run cafe which offers a variety of burgers, fried food, milkshakes and mocktails. Stax Diner is the home to the renowned Chicken and Waffles dish. Did I mention that they serve only Halal meat on their premises? If you have not given this a try yet, you must!

One thing you should take note of is that it’s a very small diner. You should avoid peak times, or be prepared to wait for half an hour (or even longer). It is one of the restaurants where you can’t make reservations prior to your arrival.

Credits: Crumbsanddoilies.co.uk
  1. Crumbs and Doilies

This hidden gem at the ground floor of Kingly Court is a cupcake cafe that offers more than 10 types of cupcakes in-store, to suit varying tastebuds. Their cupcakes come in two sizes: mini and big. You should be pleased to know that all flavours are available in both sizes so you won’t miss out.

The shop is very small, if you’re lucky enough to go during off-peak hours, take a seat at their  cosy bar and have a cappuccino with their cupcakes. There is no better way to keep yourself warm during this cold season than having a cuppa!

Credit: Dishoom.com
  1. Dishoom

Just a bit off of Kingly Court, it is situated in Kingly Street. This is an Indian restaurant which serves food as beautiful as the restaurant itself. Albeit contemporary, their menu still promises to be authentic. I must warn you that in spite of it being a Halal certified restaurant, they do serve pork as well. I always find myself ordering the Virgin Bombay Colada, it is a must have to quench my thirst! If you prefer a conventional Indian cuisine experience, then the House Chai is a no-brainer.

Unlike Stax, you can make reservations only if you are a big party (don’t count on it if you are going alone!).

Credit: Said.it
  1. SAID dal 1923

For the love of chocolate! This Italian cafe is located in Broadwick Street. It is the only branch in London, the original one being in Rome. It is a very cosy cafe, perfect for a romantic date.  Having said that, there’s always a queue to get in. My all-time favourite is the Mocha – the cup is covered in White, Milk and Dark chocolate before they pour in the coffee. Absolutely sinful!

They do offer some snacks on their menu if you’re feeling rather peckish. Like the rest of the places on this list, it is impossible make a reservation. I promise you that it is worth the queue, though.

Do you have a list of go-to restaurants for your lazy days? Surely, I can’t be the only one.


Hafizah Sufian was a freelance writer for Muslyfe.