Continuing to adhere to their inspirational three pillars of “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good”, HIJUP recently celebrated their sixth anniversary on the 8th of August, 2017, at the Harlequin Bistro, Jakarta. With the theme of innovation, HIJUP no doubt continues to strive to strike the balance between fashion and doing good, and with the event commemorating their anniversary, the company has come up with even more ways to give back to society.

The idea behind “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good”, which has been a huge contributory role in the company’s journey so far, revolves around the cycle of us looking good as a factor of feeling good about ourselves, which in turn will motivate us to be committed to doing good deeds. And it’s with this that the brand attributes its current success, as they strive to fulfill the three pillars that make up the foundation of the company’s vision.


Additionally, the brand has also created a new loyalty program for its customers called My HIJUP Card, which offers a variety of special privileges as well as prizes to be won. Some of these include shopping vouchers, a Trip to Spain with the CEO of the brand, Dian Pelangi, a jewellery set from Frank and Co and even a motorcycle for the loyal customers of HIJUP!

Aside from that, a new innovative program known as HIJUP Power House (HPH) was also created for a more streamlined conversation between the designers HIJUP supports as well as its customers. HPH is touted as the solution to resolve production issues, and it’s hoped that this will allow designers to continue producing high-quality local products without compromising the system of production.

HIJUP will also be collaborating with six of Indonesia’s big names in fashion: Dian Pelangi herself, Ria Miranda, Barli Asmara, Sejauh Mata Memandang, HAPPY by Mel Ahyar as well as Kami Idea, to enhance and complement the current designs of their products. A new menswear collection will also be showcased at the trunk show, alongside HIJUP Muse Indah Nada Puspita.


In conjunction with the sixth anniversary, the brand will be introducing six inspirational young women as the New Faces of HIJUP, each of them representing their own distinctive fields; Lia Karina Mansur, a Taekwondo athlete, Gita Savitri Putri, YouTuber and influencer, Hamidah Rachmayanti, a young social media influencer, Athieqah Asy-Syahidah, doctor and fashion enthusiast, Nadiah Fatriana, a social media influencer active in various research areas in Jakarta as well as Ratu Anandita, entertainer. Keeping with the theme of giving back, it will also be raising funds for the construction of their sixth Rumah Quran, the Al-Mukmin Karawang.

With sixth years in the industry under their belt, HIJUP has definitely been successful in redefining the correlation between sustainability and charity with fashion, and we look forward to see more of them as they continue to fulfill their vision of placing Indonesia as the forerunner in the global modest fashion industry!