Eating healthy can sound pretty daunting for those of us who’re used to takeout for dinner, and binge eating junk food in between meal times (and any other time of the day, if we’re being completely honest). And as Ramadan approaches, it’s more important than ever now to pay attention to what one is consuming. Fortunately, here are some cheat sheets for simple healthy meals we’ve curated just for you!


It’s really tempting to just head to a convenience store nearby when you’re craving some chips or a giant bar of chocolate, but when you’re in your twenties and pushing thirty, your body won’t have the same metabolism you had as a teenager, and that much sugar is just gonna lead to other health complications down the long run.

Instead of another pack of chips, opt for healthier options: fruit is always a good start, as it’s sweet but also chock full of necessary vitamins and nutrients. You can even step it up a notch instead of just eating them as is, and bake some apple slices in the oven and sprinkle cinnamon over them. If you can’t quite give up the sweet tooth, dark chocolate is still a good choice to have. In fact, melted dark chocolate and apple slices go incredibly well together.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

This is a trick I’ve grown up with, in a huge household with everyone having different schedules. Double your usual portions, and stick half of it in the fridge so you can have the same thing for lunch and dinner. It reduces waste and discourages you from getting takeout when you’re too exhausted from a day at work and there’s nothing for dinner except a phone number for the nearest pizza place.

One Pan Meals

Cooking a meal in a single pan is a great way to use up several ingredients all at once, and it minimises the number of dishes you’d need to wash afterwards as well. It’s also extremely difficult to mess up and perfect for those who are novices in the kitchen.

A simple recipe would be to chop up some potatoes, a mixture of frozen vegetables like broccoli, carrots, or anything else that isn’t a leafy vegetable, and a meat of your own choice. Drizzle some olive oil and add salt and pepper for taste. Use other herbs if you want an extra kick for flavour and place your pan in the stove for about 50 minutes for your meal to cook.

Food Prep

Food prep is a big part of the healthy lifestyle, as it enforces you to discipline yourself to have a more balanced diet, and it allows you to know and understand what exactly it is that you’re putting into your body. Set an afternoon aside, preferably the weekend to sit down and plan your meals for the upcoming week, and make the necessary preparations. Chop your meat, veggies and cheese in advance so you won’t take up too much time making your meals every day, and group them together along with your other refrigerated ingredients according to the kind of meals you’ll be having in the next few days.