When it comes to planning an adventure, Muslims do have to make the extra effort in not missing out on daily religious duties. Luckily enough, we’ve got just the thing for you: A checklist of Must-Haves for the Muslim Traveler.

1. Travel Prayer Mat (and garment!)

A small travel prayer mat is a really good thing to bring during your travels. As the journey might be far and long, and some places may not have prayer facilities, sometimes you’re going to have to make do with some improvisation. The travel prayer mat, is light, easy to fold and store to keep in any traveler bag. It could even fit in a carry on!

2. Get on with technology

Every Muslim millennial traveler should get to know technology and make full use of all the advantages and perks its brought into our life. With several technological apps that Muslims can use (such as these one listed here), travelling halal is so much easier these days.

So before getting your backpack on, pack your phone with useful apps that can help you out during your adventure. A few travel apps can help look for qiblat direction, some reminders for prayer times (according to location), and also even maybe give some tips on locations for halal food joints! Speaking of…

3. Halal snacks & food hunts

No trip is complete without snacks, food-ventures and trying out local cuisine! Honestly, I get cranky without some hidden knickknacks, and while hunting down the halal logo on every chocolate bar or savoury snack is all fun (read: sarcasm), being prepared with my own personal snacks is always a good thing.

Another way to stave off the ‘hangry’ (cause travelling angry is NOT fun, am I right fellow travelers?), would be to research on local halal snacks around the area! Best be prepared, right?

4. Portable charger

Now, referring back to checklist item number 2, you’re gonna need this one. With all these apps you’ll be using, the battery’s going to be drained fast, and that is a traveler’s nightmare!

Always have a portable charger on standby, especially for this, and emergencies. Oh, and a tip (from personal experience): Make sure they’re all charged up, before you head out to your next great adventure.

5. Traveling with Dua

Before you get swept away by the adrenaline rush of the great unknown, don’t forget to remember whom you should be grateful to! Take a moment or two, every once in a while and recite a dua for traveling and even recite another dua seeking protection from Allah (S.W.T.)

It’s a definitely cool way to calm down before burning out on pre-journey excitement!

Now, that you know that, what are you waiting for? Go on and pack for your next adventure!