It’s undeniable that the hustling in life can be overwhelming, and a girl just needs a break from the bustle of the city. So a girl plans for a weekend getaway, and forgets that she needs to plan for the getaway. This also includes making a checklist to make sure none of the essentials get left behind, but still be able to carry a light load. You don’t want to be stuck on a resort island somewhere and realise you’ve overpacked, or worse, underpacked. So below are things that are essential to making sure your weekend getaway is a stress-free paradise.

1. Travel Docs, Money and a Pen

It goes without saying that if you’re travelling out of the country, these are the major things that you’d need for your trip. Make sure you’ve got your travel documents on you, and that they’re updated as well! If you’re planning to change your money to the better currency rates overseas, make sure you’ve at least got a substantial amount changed in your country before you leave. Finally, always have a pen on you just in case you need to fill in any forms for customs.

2. Toiletries

While you can always get toiletries when you arrive at your holiday destination, it can be a bit of a waste on your budget and for those of us who already have our preferred brands of shampoo, a generic one probably won’t do it for us. Pack your toiletries in travel-sized bottles to save space in your luggage.

3. Minimal Makeup

Face it, if you’re going to be away for three days, you really don’t need three bottles of highlighter. A lip balm, a tube of lipstick, and a couple of eye makeup products will do the trick for a weekend away. If you really can’t go without foundation, invest in a cushion foundation that’s light and easy to carry around.

4. Versatile Outfits and An Accessory or Two

We often fall into the trap of either underpacking or overpacking clothes while trying to gauge how many items of clothing we should bring. One way to curb this is to bring 2-3 outfits that are versatile enough to be worn from day to night. Neutral palettes make a great combo and with just a statement piece of jewellery or headscarf, you can change a casual day dress to a chic evening outfit.

5. A Tote Bag

A tote bag is an essential piece of item for your weekend getaway, just because it minimizes the hassle of trying to coordinate your outfit with a particular handbag. Plus it can fit everything you could need, from your book, for when you’re lounging at the beach or your purse for when you’re shopping away at a local market.

6. Entertainment

I always make it a point to bring a book I haven’t read yet on vacation, just because reading does allow me to simply wind down, which is what I need to relax from a stressful week at the office. If you’re the kind of the person that finds solace in solitude, a pair of headphones and a playlist of your favourite music go a long way towards making your weekend a blissful vacation.

7. Chargers and Adaptors

If you’re bringing your electronic gadgets along, don’t forget to pack your chargers as well. It seems like a given, but it’s always a good reminder to have. If you’re travelling to another country, make sure you have an adaptor so you can connect to the power outlets if they’re different than those in your home country. You don’t want a vacation ruined because of a mere flat battery.

8. Resealable Plastic Bags

Trying to figure out how to bring dirty laundry back home? Not sure how to separate your electrical gadgets from your souvenirs in a small carry-on luggage? Resealable plastic bags is your answer. They’re light and easily folded into a corner of your bag; they’re also waterproof, which means if one of your bottles break during the journey, the damage will be contained to one single plastic bag.

9. Pain Reliever and Prescription Meds

One sure thing to ruin your getaway is when a wild migraine appears out of nowhere and you don’t have a pain reliever on hand to combat the ensuing agony. A small pack of pain reliever pills is always good to have in case of an emergency. Additionally, if you have a prescription, don’t forget to pack enough medicine as well as the prescription list itself. Trouble may ensue if you’re in a foreign city and you’ve run out of your meds.

10. Eye Mask

It might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but an eye mask will help you to feel well rested as you snooze during the journey to your destination, because there’s always gonna be that person that has the window shade all the way up.