Ash Blue, Red, Peach and Pink– These are the colours of the scarves in The Royal dUCk collection that are made available to the loyal lovers of the dUCk brand, or dUCkies, as they call themselves, whilst The Royal dUCk Scarf Bags come in Blue, Green, Pink and Red. The Royal dUCk collection is a collaboration between dUCk and Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah, future queen of Brunei Darussalam, and it was born out of the two parties’ desire to celebrate womanhood. Being independent, active, classy, feminine and a team-player are the characteristics of HRH Princess Sarah that inspired the design of the scarves, and they are the characteristics of women that this collection aims to honour.

Satin smooth to the touch, the scarves in this collection are decorated with delicate imprints of five elements that are important to the representation and celebration of women; The WheelThe GridsThe DiamondsThe Flowers and The Bees.

In all four of the designs, The Wheel takes centre stage. Decorating the sides of the scarves are The Flowers, embellished by the scattering of The Diamonds all around and adorable Bees buzzing around the design. This is all the foreground of The Grid, which serves as a backdrop for the four other elements.


  • The Wheel
Vivy Yusof wearing the Royal dUCk scarf in Peach. (PHOTO: dUCk Scarves)

It is placed in the centre of the scarves’ design, aptly so as it represents independence. The Wheel is a universal symbol for independence and mobility– A characteristic seen in HRH Princess Sarah who adores cycling and personally driving around especially to send her children to school.


  • The Grids

Acting as a foreground to all the other elements, depicting that this characteristic should be the over-encompassing attribute amongst others in the woman, The Grids are a representation of an active lifestyle, as it is the grid of a sports racquet. HRH Princess Sarah is a firm believer that every woman should be fit and healthy. A former Military Cadet back in her Alma Mater, HRH Princess Sarah partakes regularly in Muay Thai, CrossFit and Netball.


  • The Diamonds
The Royal dUCk scarf in Pink. (PHOTO: dUCk Scarves)

Gracefully scattered amongst the other elements in the scarf’s design, The Diamonds are a symbol of class and elegance. A woman should maintain humility, grace and
kindness, especially when interacting with others. Women should support each other, in this day and age, and together, sparkle like diamonds.


  • The Flowers

Divinely placed on the sides of the scarf’s design, The Flowers, or more specifically so, HRH Princess Sarah’s favourite blooms the hydrangeas are a symbol of sweet and soft femininity. Just like the beautiful HRH Princess Sarah, every woman should aspire to be elegant and graceful yet firm– The true mark of femininity.


A close-up of The Flowers, The Bees, The Diamonds, The Wheel and The Grid on The Royal dUCk scarf in Ash Blue. (PHOTO: dUCk Scarves)


  • The Bees

Among all the other designs are The Bees; representing love, nurture, growth and most importantly teamwork, The Bees in the design serve to remind that women need to love and support each other– We are a team. HRH Princess Sarah is a firm believer that all women, no matter what, should help one another.

Respectively, The Royal dUCK scarves and The Royal dUCk bags will retail at BND190 and BND60.